Workout Routines

Workout routines come in various formats such as a prescribed set of exercises designed by a fitness instructor specifically for you, a pre-recorded genre specific workout DVD like Shaun T’s Insanity, Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire or Les Mills’s Combat training or something more adhoc which you make up yourself.

All of the above are in their own right good workout routines but the attraction to them will be different by different people. In order for anyone to determine the best workout routines for themselves will pretty much depend on what you want from a workout or more specifically how you want your body to respond to a specific workout routine.

First it’s best to be honest with yourself and determine not what you want but what you need. What you want from a workout usually ends up with a vanity statement or desire much like 6 pack abs, bulging biceps or a cut defined chest. Yes these may be what you ultimately want but you will need to ask yourself what you need first before you get what you want.

A simple example of that is you cannot get 6 pack abs without losing the belly fat. You want the abs but you need to get rid of the belly fat first. Therefore, fat loss and fat shredding is required before you start building your abs. As previously mentioned, to find the best workout for you, you need to understand what you want from a workout. If you are looking to build muscle and bulk, don’t be jumping around to the likes of Shaun T’ Insanity but go for something like P90X or better still Body Beast.

For example, Shaun T’s Insanity is a great cardio, endurance based, high energy, jump around type program designed to make you sweat and burn loads of calories. Definitely a must if you are looking to lose weight and get a toned body. P90X on the other hand does have some DVD disks which are cardio and plyometric based but not as cardio intense as Insanity. However, P90X also uses dumbbells, resistant bands and pull up bars in many of the DVD disk workouts and it is the use of these in a workout that develops muscle bulk.

Taking it a step further with the dumbbells, the workout program called Body Beast has even more workouts which use the likes of dumbbells and weight lifting bars throughout this program and it is the use of these items of equipment that builds larger muscles (take a look and see).

So in choosing the best workout routine for you, you need to first think about what it is you are aiming to do or what you want from the workout. Below are some of the body development desires most people stride for but when you break them down you may need different routines to achieve each of them although there will be some overlap.

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