Which workout plan!

Marketing statements such as get ripped in 4 weeks, abs in days, get a chiseled 6 pack in 60 days are possibly achievable but depends on variables such as how much existing fat you have around your belly (your starting body fat index) your motivation levels when you start and generally your ability to perform and keep up with a workout plan without giving up part way through.

Once you have achieved your personal goals and are happy with the visibility of your 6 pack abs, the question which comes to mind is what next. What do you do once you have completed the workout plan? It would be nice to imagine that you can now throw away the workout plan, sit back, relax and enjoy your abs.But no, sitting back and doing nothing is a dream and you will probably end right back where you started.

If you do not maintain some consistent type of workout you will quickly start to lose definition in your abs as the muscle mass will start to detiriotate. And if your diet worsens the belly fat will be right back to square one. But you know that! So, with that said, there are 4 options open to you if you want to maintain those 6 pack abs.

1 Do not get another workout plan.

Some people may not require another workout program ever! They may be able to do what’s required as and when they need it. These people are self-disciplined and focused on what they need to do. These lucky people can go to the top of the class.

2 Rerun your existing plan.

Great because you know the program and do not need to learn how to do the moves all over again. But that surely will get boring. Besides, if you’re initial program was designed to get you your abs in so many days /weeks it will be a fairly intense program, yikes, which means hard work forever.

You don’t need another intense program but something perhaps more easier going. Instead, one could use parts of the program and or follow the program for shorter periods with less intensity. This could be called Option 2a. (But, sure enough though, after a while it will still get boring doing the same moves over and over and over again).

3 Buy a new workout program.

A new workout plan will revive you and help keep you interested. Remember, there are numerous follow along programs on the market so you have lots of cheap alternaitives. Along with learning new moves and techniques; you will also build up a great libray of programs which will provide you with lots of variety and selection over the long turn. This is a great situation because you can select a program (DVD) which suits your mood on any particular day.

4 All of the above.

Since you have probably memorized most of the moves in your fist DVD then work them in your own time without the DVD. Great for when you don’t have access to a TV.  Use the existing program and mix it up. Extract the parts that you find more beneficial to you. Buy a new program, rinse it out and mix it up. This option is very flexible and organic and generally for those who have the time and inclination to DIY.


Option 3 and 4 are what the majority of people will do and the options will probably start to converge at some point in the future. It is hard to go it alone even though you have already been through it. Since getting a 6 pack is not a life or death ultimatum or even a health consideration, it is easy to be distracted and allow the focus to wane.

So, getting a new DVD to follow helps to keep you focused and keep the wheels lubricated.  Over time, your fitness library will expand and your mind set will become stronger and focused which will allow you to mix and match beneficial workout plans at your leisure.

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