If you ask almost any person what their goals or New Year’s resolutions are it almost always includes getting healthier or to workout. One of the most popular exercise programs is an abdominal workout and this is because it is probably one of the best ways to lose the unwanted belly fat and get the stomach that most people dream of.

The problem is that this kind of workout can take time to produce results and having the willpower to stick with a regular abdominal workout routine is very difficult for most individuals. Every time you turn on the TV you see someone claiming to have developed a product or routine that gives you rock hard abs with little effort and in the quickest way possible.

While many of these are gimmicks, the truth is that any program can work if you have the willpower to stick with the routine long enough to see results. That willpower can be difficult to sustain and failure is much more common than success in many instances, but there are some steps you can take to increase the power of your willpower and stay strong and motivated till you reach your desires or goals.

Take small steps.

Anybody that tries to take on too much will often fail and this leads to losing confidence in your abilities. When it comes to an abdominal workout it helps to start off with small goals that require only as much effort and time as you can handle. Once you feel like you are accomplishing these smaller goals you can gradually increase your efforts and you will eventually begin to see results.

This will also give you more confidence in your willpower and can help you establish the can do attitude you need. Consistency is an important factor in reaching your goal so keeping a schedule of how often and much you increase your abdominal workout is a great way to keep track of your progress and gain confidence.

Understand defeat, but don’t accept it.

The most important factor that contributes to successfully increasing your willpower is to keep moving forward no matter how difficult a task becomes. If you are really determined to get your body in the shape you have always wanted, then you need to understand that there will be times that giving up seems like the only answer.

This is a mental war that you can win if you keep in mind that you deserve to keep going and if you give up now all the work you have done was for nothing. Having true willpower means that words like can’t, won’t, and quit doesn’t exist to you and your goals.

Surround yourself with positive influence.

Willpower is something that each person has to find from within themselves, but a healthy environment is a great way to boost the will power you are searching for. Your environment can either deter you form your goal or help support you when your motivation seems to have disappeared.

This is true for any goals you are striving for and can have a major effect on if you accomplish them or not. When you are trying to stick to an abdominal workout program, it is amazing how much having a partner or friend can motivate you to continue until you reach your goal. On the other hand, if you have someone telling you that it is too hard or not worth the trouble this can really dampen your spirits and the chances of quitting are much higher.

Determination is your best friend.

One of the biggest enemies of willpower is procrastination and this is what leads to laziness and eventually failure. There is going to be a million and one reasons to postpone accomplishing your goal, but you have to be determined enough to not let those obstacles get in your way. In almost all instances those obstacles are usually excuses to avoid the hard work it takes to get the abdominal workout you want.

There are some events in life that will prevent you from sticking to your schedule, but as long as it is not a regular occurrence it will not affect your goal. Focusing on the long term benefit that an abdominal workout program will give you is a great way to increase your determination and help you gain the willpower you need.


Everyone has heard the saying “you can achieve anything you put your mind to”. What this phrase is actually saying is that you can accomplish your goals with the strength of your willpower. Willpower is actually a simple concept and can be obtained quite easily if you know how. Just remember a majority of your willpower is a mindset that we all have and need to learn how to use. Stay focused on your end goal, avoid things that can deter you, and understand why and how you want to reach your goal.

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