Decision Making

This article is a short fun article on the process of decision making. Although this process is just as applicable to any area of decison making, it has been tailered around choosing a workout plan since this is a web site about fitness.

1. Boredom or dissatisfaction.

One would encounter this from either of two avenues. Firstly, you might not be working out at all and have a desire to start getting fit and healthy. The second avenue is someone who is currently working out, but is dissatisfied with their current condition meaning either bored of doing the same old routine or dissatisfied with the results they have achieved to date. Both of these scenarios are bored or dissatisfied with their current conditions and have a desire to start or change their condition.

2. Curiosity.

Curiosity is the act of seeking what alternatives may be available to you. This means browsing and reviewing other sources of fitness programs. It may be a case of visiting web sites like or other similar sites, reading reviews or promotional material or even signing up for trial periods.

3. Interest.

This is reached after satisfying your curiosity due to searching for something else or an alternative to your current condition. This means that you have found a program that looks interesting, at a level which is applicable for you and something that you might want to give a try.


4. Decision making.

This decison will take you to either of two destinations. One, it means that you have purchased a fitness program or in some way obtained the material. You are dedicated to tying it out to see if it suits you. The second part is that you have already purchased or obtained the material, tried it out but determined it is not suitable for you for some reason. At this stage, you would go back to level 2 (curiosity), in order to find something that would again interest you.

5. Education / information.

Now that you have selected the fitness program that suits your needs or aptitude, you will obviously start to learn and gain information from the program. Learn new abs exercises and moves. Understand better how certain workouts affect different parts of the body and overall improve your health.

6. Progress.

Progress allows you the ability to move forward with your venture. The end result of going through this process is to allow you to keep going and sustain a progressive workout. Simply put, this method is to get you closer and closer until you get the body that you have hoped for.

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