How Long Does It Take To Get Abs

A very common question asked by anyone interested in improving their body is how long does it take to get abs? This, in fact is the silver bullet question and very difficult to answer with any real conviction. The reason this is tricky to answer is because we are all built differently, we all lead lives which are mostly different to one another, we all have different recreational habits, do different types of work and have different genes and metabolisms which all have a direct impact on our body, shape and weight.

What it comes down to like most things in life, getting abs depends on what are you willing to do to get them? How dedicated and how much do you want them? If you want abs, or muscles or any improvement to your body then you need to do work do get it. Let’s assume you are motivated the question should perhaps not be how long does it take to get abs, but what exercises do you need to do and how frequently do you need to do them.

Remember, the body and the abs will only come once you have applied yourself to some type of workout plan and maintained the workout over the course of time. Just doing the workout is not enough on its own. You have to apply the intensity to the workout and of course do not over indulge with large portions of food and food with high calorie counts. There are many workout DVDs available, so find one that suits your needs and that you can engage with. If the first one you choose does suit you, try another one until you find one that communicates to you. Believe it or not, once you get focused, motivated and engaged it is hard then to stop.

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