Home Workouts

When considering fitness and working out, two distinct options are available to you.  You can either go to the gym (private or public) or you can workout at home. If you have ever been a member of a gym or dropped-in to a gym, you will agree that it is fine and fun in the beginning because the facility is new, the people are fresh and there are lots of classes and programs to join…it has novalty factor.

Not only that, there is also an argument that paying for the gym will keep you motivated as you won’t want to waste your money by not going. Well you can uphold this argument for a while until the first excuses start to kick in for example: Too tired. Too busy. I have to work. I’m going out tonight. I have no energy. Got a headache. And so on and so on.

Over the short-term, gyms always seemed to default back to just a place to work out nothing more and nothing less despite the attractive bright lights and bells and whistles. Well, if that’s all it becomes, why not consider the home workouts option instead.

In doing so, you can save money on membership and entrance fees (no more worries about not getting value for money because you fail to make it to the gym on particular nights). Save yourself the time and expense of getting to and from the place. Home workouts are the new gym workouts!

Save yourself from having to buy the trendy gym clothes in order to keep up with the “Joneses”. Avoid paying for the extortionate refreshments and smoothies they offer. Save yourself any embarrassment you may feel, self-consciousness or intimidation as result of not looking like the Mr and Miss perfect at the gym. Why do you think there are women only gyms available?

Home workouts can save on all of the above and more. Depending on your life style and family commitments, you can schedule the workout in with your evening. Quick example: Put on your old t-shirt and sweat pants. Break up your workout in to 15, 20 or 30 min chunks. Before and after dinner.  And then again, before and after your shower. The breaks between have allowed your body to recuperate so the next session doesn’t seem as hard. Before you know it, you have done a 1 to 2 hours workout without really taking any time out of your schedule.

Focus and motivation are the elements that will be needed to make either working out at the gym or home effective. Yes, one could say that personal trainers are available (at another cost) at the gym. And they well may well be able to get you closer to where you got to get to in terms of your abdominal destination.

Unfortunately, the personal trainer is not able to actually transport you to the gym. Therefore, you have lots of opportunity to decide not to go before you get there. Hey, if you got to spend money for a personal trainer, why not hire one to come to you home instead. This way the trainer will be dedicated to you. Besides, it’s more difficult to avoid the trainer when you don’t feel like working out especially when he/she comes knocking at your door.

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