How To Get 6 Pack Abs.

Obtaining fast 6 pack abs is a myth and generally unrealistic for most of us. Ok, the word fast is a relative term and what may be fast for some, is slow for others. But at a general level, let’s say three weeks would be an average time line for what most of us would say is fast for obtaining visible abs. With that said, the three reasons below weaken the three week fast abs concept.

First; when we hear statements like get fast abs, abs in two weeks or 60 second abs, etc. etc. we can’t help being curious as to how to get abs so quickly. These types of headlines are a marketer or advertisers tools of the trade in order to sensationalize a topic. It’s attention grabbing like flashing neon or the beckoning hand saying come and look at this shiny new thing. It’s only a matter of time before someone is actually desperate enough to bite down on the bait and entertain that product only to later discover that the abs have not appeared in the three weeks as was promised.

Believe me; this is not intended to slate the work of others as most abs workout programs actually have something good to say. More often than not, they provide the reader with good workout tips and technique and rigorous diet plans. The problem is that the shiny 6 pack abs workout program is often just focusing on the abdominals only and not providing a would be customer the whole story. I consider the whole story to be broken down in to 4 components and consist of the Abs workout element ,Eating Habits, Cardio and last but not least the Willpower.

Second; yes there are the minuscule few who are able to pick up a program, run with it, follow all the instructions, stay on track and bust some great results.  And yes, I am seriously jealous of them. However, let’s be real, for the vast majority of people, their lives are busy. Most people are juggling stuff all day everyday all of which will affect their ability to closely follow an abs workout program. Besides, other factors also come in to play which also reduce the desire to work out like time, weather, hunger, family, location, transport, holidays and so on and so on… Any one of these can excuse someone from not wanting to work out.

Third; it depends on your current status. If your start point is hugely over weight, it will take longer to get to the “in shape with visible abs stage”. Again, if you are still at a stage where you are still fighting with poor food choices then it will again take longer to get the visible abs. The mind will play an extensive roll in motivating you, but if your thoughts are still out at sea, it may take some time to steer it to harbor to give you the mindset and hence the willpower you need.

So, in conclusion, to obtain visible abdominal muscles it’s more than just trying to implement a standalone abs workout program. It actually starts with a mindset shift. The focus should not just be on the abs when looking at the physical side of getting 6 pack abs. The focus should be on working out the whole body with cardio and eating a balanced diet.

In order to maintain the eventual program, your mind needs to be in the right place to achieve this. Setting the mind requires will power and dedication or otherwise you will waste your time. For example, have you ever said to yourself, I’ll start something (could even be a previous workout program) next week or as a new year’s resolution. We do that because the mind is not ready to commit to whatever the commitment is. So we prolong it to try and get the mind ready by setting a future date where we hope to be ready by.

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    Don’t forget that salt makes you hold water and causes you to look bloated. You may be holding pounds of water from too much salt intake.

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