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Let’s face it, most people want 6 pack abs but most don’t do it because they don’t want to put up with trying to starve themselves or end up eating a strict diet of just lettuce. To be brutally honest with you most of us don’t want to end up eating a diet composed primarily of greens, fruits and nuts for the rest of their lifes just for a set of six pack abs. The actual idea that the only way to get a six pack is through strict dieting is just plain silly. There’s a number of calorie-cutting things that you can do in your everyday life and still feel like you’re still on top of the food chain.

Getting out there and working out is absolutely vital to shedding weight because it increases your metabolism. If you increase that, you increase the rate which your body uses calories. If you can create a calorie deficiency, you’ll insure yourself to keep that unnecessary fat off so that people can see the developing set of muscles you’ve made.

Without further ado, some foods that you can absolutely cut from your diet today in order to start cutting out those extra, unneeded calories are:

1. Use less butter, whole milk and cream.

Butter’s a popular toast spread and cooking tool, but it also contains a massive load of calories. Switch to margarine or something like peanut butter or cottage cheese if you need a toast spread. If you’re cooking, using a butter spray instead of slice of butter.

Whole milk is another type of dairy product that’s high in fat and cream can be even worse. To cut down your fat intake from whole milk, try switching to 2% milk. The simple switch will help you cut down on calories and you’ll still get the protein and nutrients milk provides. With cream, you’re better off switching to a 1:1 mixture of flour and milk when possible if you’re cooking.

2. Get rid of soda and sports drinks.

Soda is one of the absolutely worst things you can ingest when you’re trying to trim fat. It contains empty calories in the form of simple sugars that is often times actually dangerous for your body. Some people are even starting to claim it’s that the sudden rush of sugar intake from soda is what causes people genetically predisposed to diabetes to have a full-blown onset later in their life. Sports drinks can end up being just as bad for you.

Not trying to sound like a health nut here, but look this stuff up. This stuff’s a big hazard. Instead of completely cutting that sweet, fizzy, carbonated stuff from your diet altogether, think about switching to diet soda. There’s some great alternatives, specifically soda with the word “Zero” in its name, that taste just like the regular stuff. You might even like it better.

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