Abs Workout.

If done properly abdominal crunches do work. They can strengthen and tone muscles in the abdominal area. There are a wide variety of different types of abs workouts with crunches being one of them.

All crunches work the rectus abdominus which is a big long muscle. When it is worked properly the muscles become larger which creates what is called a six pack. Side crunches work the external and internal oblique muscles. The external muscles are located on the sides of the rectus abdominus. The internal oblique muscles are located on the inside of the hip bone and work against the external oblique muscles.

Together they help a person bend over and move from side to side. They are what is called the love handle. There are different variations of crunches that each work a different part of the abdomen. They include reverse crunches, vertical leg crunches, and single leg raise crunches.

The ball crunch is a very popular exercise and can be very effective. An exercise ball is needed to perform the exercise. The ball crunch works because it requires the entire body to keep stabilized during the crunch process. The exercise ball crunch works to isolate specific muscle groups at one time. Some ball crunch exercises include ball side crunches, ball reverse crunches, and ball planks.

Another exercise which is considered to be an effective abs workout includes the bicycle exercise. The bicycle exercise works to strengthen the rectus abdominus and the external and internal obliques. The bicycle exercise also works the traverse abdominus which is the muscle that wraps around the torso. It is the innermost part of the abdominal muscles and works to help a person breath by contracting and expanding the chest.

To achieve a six pack a person needs to work all angles of their abs. He or she must work different muscles with different exercises by applying different resistance levels. By performing these exercises a person can strengthen their abdominal muscles and achieve a flatter stomach.

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