Running tips for beginners.

People take up running for various reasons such as to raise funds for charity, to get fit, to compete in a race or just for pure leisure. For everyone at some point, it will be their first time running so its perhaps prudent to think that they should seek some basic advice before they start to pound the pavement.

Like any physical activity, you want to get the best out of your session and to get the best out of your session you need to remove obstacles which will impede your performance. Below are10 basic but valuable running tips for beginners that will improve running and performance.

1. Preparation is key

Ensuring everything is in order before you set off for a run avoids distractions and irritations. Simple things like making sure your shoe laces are tight make sure that what you may be carrying like house keys or money are zipped away securely and even making sure your clothes are tucked in or hanging correctly avoids unnecessary fiddling and fumbling during your run.

2. Nourishment

Basic things like ensuring you are fuelled up can often be forgotten when embarking on a run. Yes you may have had breakfast a few hours beforehand and you may not feel hungry when setting out to run. Since the act of running burns calories quicker than your usual sedentary routine, you may start to feel hungry shortly in to your run and once that happens you have lost your stride and all you are then thinking of is food. A good easy tactic is to eat a banana approximately 20 minutes or so before you run which not only fills you up but also provides great energy.

3. Hydration

The same goes with water. When you run you sweat and the sweat that evaporates from your body is the water inside you. Top up with water before you leave and depending on your proximity to water on your run route, carry some water with you.

3. Focus on the status quo.

When running, try not to think about how much distance there is still left to run as it can make you feel daunted about the prospect of running. Rather, think about your status quo and focus on your technique, running style and how to streamline you run.

4. Music

Playing music with an upbeat temp at around 160BPM (like Drum and Base or House Music) is a great way for helping with keeping up the pace and to create some attitude and aggression in your run. Depending on the music, you can pace yourself to run to the beat and when the base drops dig deeper. Forget the love songs.

5. Appropriate Ear Buds or Head Phones

Complementing the music, obtain a decent set of ear buds or head phones for your run which ultimately do not fall out when you run. These will make you run much more pleasurable if you are a solo runner as you will ba able to get fully absorbed in to your music and take you mind off the physical exertion of the run.

6. Pain.

If you start feeling unusual pain in any parts of your body its best to stop running because continued exertion can make it worse and compound the issue and may even put you out of action for a longer time.

7. Adequate footwear

Since running consists of pounding the pavement with your feet and compressing on the knee joints the best cushioning for your feet you can afford is vital to avoid future pain. Review suitable running shoes and get the best ones for your running terrain.

8. Maintain positive thoughts

Before you even set out on your run try and get yourself in to  a positive frame of mind and keep in the positive zone. It’s so easy to say to yourself that you cannot do something and then that’s when it starts to go downhill.

9. Mind your footing on uneven roads

Not all running surface are level and smooth especially if you want to get a way from traffic and pedestrians and run on rough grade or cross country. Survey the terraon in front you to avoid twisting your ankle in a pot hole, ridge or even trip.

10. Suitable apparel for seasons

Not all clothes are good for all seasons. In the wet seasons make sure that you wear clothes that shed water but allow your body to breath. In the warm months ensure you have the ventilation to keep cool and not overheat. Moreover, don’t be fooled and wear a jacket if theres a light chill in ther air because it will not take long at all to elevate your temerature and start to over heat.


Although this article is aimed at providing running tips for beginners, it is not just beginners that can benefit from them. Anyone who finds even one of these tips helpful will have learnt something or can benefit from it and therefore can add it to their tool set for improved run performance. Just like any athlete, who will be looking for any advantage to shave of a little time, jump a little higher or lift a little heavier. Any of the above tips will help a runner do better and feel better about their run.

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