Running in September

After the long hot lazy days of summer it’s nice to welcome some fresher breeze and cooler temperatures and with these cooler times comes an ability to start getting more active again. September is probably one of the best times to start running or resume your running program and running can also be used as an introduction to a new or existing workout schedule. Listed below are 5 benefits to start running especially in September.


As said above, the weather is perfect for running. It’s not so cold that it puts you off leaving the house or freezes your legs when you the air touches your skin. It’s still dry enough that you don’t have to don a rain coat and can still bare your skin by wearing T shirt and shorts. Best of all, it’s still light even after you get home from work if that’s when you run.


Running can have a hypnotic effect on you when you get in your stride and allow you to be very focused at times. The feeling you get from running for a sustained amount of time gives you a euphoric and joyous feeling due to the endorphins, the brain’s naturally occurring opiates.

Non interruptive

You are a solo runner or a group runner. Either way, running allows you to escape from reality and transcend in to your runners mind. When group running, it’s almost like you and your co-runners are a cell running together like a team in isolation from other things motivating and urging each other on. Solo runners get the full escape allowing them the focus on anything they want or listen to their music harmoniously.

The mind

Collect your thoughts solve a problem or do you want to dream on. When you are running, you are able to think about issues from different perspectives and levels of depth. Once your body has adjusted to the run and when you are cruising your mind seems to have the ability to free up or dedicate a portion of the processor for thinking on the run.

Free Cheap

Once you have some running shoes and apparel, that’s pretty much all you need. Running is not expensive and in many ways it is free after the initial purchase and set up. And there are no limits to the places you can run whether it be around the block, at the park, down the street or across country.

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