Outdoor Workouts

A free and somewhat overlooked way of working out is by making use of the great outdoors. We all have unlimited free access to the outdoors and it doesn’t matter if you live in the city, suburb or country, there are many natural and manmade features which you can utilize to get in shape without spending a penny. Explained below are a selection of free outdoor workouts.


Plan a route where you can jog to one or more of the below locations. Use the jogging initially for warm up and to get your heart rate up. Jogging will be used as the link between the below workouts.

Street jogging. (With Caution!!)

Depending how busy your streets are and how well adapt you are at jogging amongst pedestrians and vehicles, you can use the street blocks or lamp posts as markers. Use the markers to either speed up or slow down or even walk and catch your breath. When you are walking you can draw in your abdomen and squeeze for say a block and then release once you have completed the distance between lamp standards.

Stadium Stairs or Street Stairs.

If you have access to an indoor or outdoor arena or spectator seating area where you have stairs between the seats, use the steps to sprint up and jog downwards. Think of public ice arenas, football or soccer stadiums, outdoor amphitheatres, public steps especially if you live in a hilly environment. This is a great workout that will raise the heart rate and workout the gluts and quads.

Benches, Seats, Walls, Tree Logs.

Great for jumping or doing steps ups. Quite often there are a number of seats or benches grouped in a park or along a street. Visit each bench and do a different exercise like step ups, then jump ups, then one legged squats on each leg, then do push ups and then tricep raises and so on.


Similar to running up steps but running up a slope. The slope can be grass or pavement. You can run up and down various times adding as much intensity as required by increasing the speed and the articulation of your body movements.

Curbs or Wheel Stops.

Use these small features to do small little sprints up and down. Do 10 or 20 and rest and replicate three times. Use the feature as a calf builder by placing your toes on the curb and rising up and down. For a great leg workout, jump with both feet together over the curb 10 or so times and repeat.

Outdoor Running Tracks.

The running track is perhaps self-explanatory but be creative and use the track to run sideways, backwards, high knees, heal to bum etc. Use the 100M sprint start mark to test your acceleration and short sprint ability.

Loading Dock Bays.

Due to the high elevation of a truck loading dock it, provides the environment for you to be able to use it to jump up and down, climb up and down and even throw your legs up to stretch your limbs.

Kids Playgrounds.

When the kids are not using the playground, there are many ways to get a great workout by using the monkey bars to do such exercises as chin ups, pull ups, and leg wrap sit ups. Use the soft safety flooring to do crunches and planks. Pretty much all exercise can be done at the playground like squats, star jumps, climb ups and burpees.

Skate Board and Bike Parks Obstacles.

Use the bowls to run up and down. Practice the two footed jump over the flat rail, do upside down pull ups using the handrail, step up or jump up on the steps or bulkheads. Practice your balance on the flat or round log or do side jumps over it.


These outside workout features are ubiquitous and accessible to anyone. An entire body workout can be had without any equipment, experience or cash. All you need to do to access this workout is get running down to your local kids playground or arena or park, find some obstacles and be creative.


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