10K Run – Road Race Day!

Race StartThe 10K run day is finally here and it’s time to lace up my shoes and get my stride on.The running I have done in preparation for this day has been well worth it not only for my performance but it has also provided me the opportunity to get fitter while training and allowed me to break certain mental barriers which I wouldn’t of otherwise done. And I was really looking forward to this 10K run to be able to run alongside 50000 other likeminded people.

The race starts at 9am so off I go to find my spot. When I arrive at around 8am, all I see is a sea of heads in front of me since the ones up front are the wave in front of my wave and will be starting around 20 minutes earlier than my wave. However, all the waiting around is making me nervous and I need to find the bathroom. I had to go far to find somewhere available and when I got back after only 15 short minutes my spot was a gone and I could not get anywhere close to where I originally was so I resigned myself to the middle of the the pack.

Once our wave was allowed to go, I was off like a rabbit out of a hatch and then quickly realised that I could not keep up a consistent pace due of the sheer number or runners there. I found myself having to run on and off the sidewalk, dodge and weave, side step, take the longer outside path, speed up and slow down which is nothing like how I had been training for over the past few months. My practice runs had been steady runs with only the occasional road crossing obstacle. Immediately, I realised that these obstacles were really going to slow me down and not allow me to show case my best run time to myself.

With the thought of a slow time in mind, I consciously made a quick decision to just go for it and do my best under these circumstances. So I really dug deep and pretended that it was a bit of a cross country race due to the amount of manoeuvring I was doing. I soon got used to the swerving and passing of the other runners in the wave in front of me. I was actually getting a buzz out of the run and the swerving and dodging made it quite exciting. Every person I passed gave me more motivation to run until I realized that I was running at quite a decent pace due to the labour in my breathing which was right up there at the same rate as what it was on my 50 minute practice run.

Along the route of the 10K run they had distance markers every 1KM. I remember reaching the 6th KM mark and then everything after that was a bit of a blur until I saw the 8th KM marker which I couldn’t believe came so quickly. Thinking back between the 6th and 8th mark I was probably at my most tired and had probably closed in on myself. But when I saw the 9th KM I found a new energy and picked up my pace. One of the runners passed me at quite a decent pace so I thought I would tag her and use her as a pace setter. With only 400m to go, I went for it and ran wide and fast almost to the extent of a sprint finish. I sprinted for the longest time I ever had and finished the race in 50.33 minutes.

I am very pleased with this time as it matches my best time ever and to top of that I had to dodge and weave past all the other runners for the entire 10K run. I think I may have been able to shave off another minute of my time if I was perhaps at the head of a faster wave. Well, that is a tactic I can use next time. So, that’s it from me on my first ever 10K race and I hope you got something from my blog as I have from running. Signing off and keep on running.

Lessons Leant
  • Knowing what to wear or take with you in case the weather changes needs some good guess work and some luck with the weather. Many people wear disposable clothing and disgard it along the way if they get too hot. Other where a light weight jacket called a cagoule, plastic ponch or even a garbage bag with holes cut in it for the head and arms.
  • Place yourself in a faster group to save having to run through the slower runners.
  • Be agile and ready to move quickly especially when crowded as you can easily get locked in.

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