10K Training Road Race. Training Day 7

Today I experienced a running situation that we all too often forget about and that is to enjoy your run experience. After only the first few paces on my 10k training run today something inside me didn’t want to push myself like last week. If you remember, I managed to do my 10K training run last week in 50 minutes which is my personal best but felt really exhausted afterwards and close to throwing up. The run today was a totally enjoyable and fresh experience which I call drifting.

Drifting is a great feeling when you hit the sweet spot as it allows you to almost separate the mind from the body. It would seem that it is only possible to drift if you are in the right state of body and mind. The body cannot have any alignments or deficiencies as either the pain or the thought of pain will interrupt your drifting thought patterns. The mind also needs to be clear of negative clutter and is preferable that your mind is full of positive thoughts as this allows your mind to go wandering and get excited about things you want to do or achieve.

During my run today, the drift phase helped me to keep a very steady but strong pace and at the same time I had time to think about how I was actually running instead of just thinking of the time/speed. I had time to feel my feet hit the floor and which part of the foot was hitting the floor first and at what angle which allowed me to test some adjustments for improved running. Again I was able to test things like the posture of my upper body and I tried running with a straighter back and chest inflated versus the hunched run which is easy to default to.

At the 5K point of the run I checked my time and it was 27 minutes. For a second the competitive side of me wanted to increase the pace to try and get close to the 50 minutes of last week. But you know what, I was actually enjoying my run too much to spoil it. I ran the second 5K in the same 27 minutes which equates to 54 minutes. 4 minutes slower than my best run time but 4 minutes faster than my first 10k training run. At this point in time I am making a declaration that yes I have proved to myself that I can do a 10K run in 50 minutes but my baseline time is 54 minutes.

Lessons learnt.

We all want to do better and better in whatever we do and sometimes forget to actually feel and enjoy what we do. With your run, take some time to enjoy it and forget about the time. Listen to your body and hear what your mind might be telling you. There is always the next time to up the ante and break some records.

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