10K Training Road Race. Training Day 6

I could feel my nerves a little bit today on the lead up to the training run because I knew I had a target to beat. Last week I tried to do the 10K in 50 minutes but was short by two minutes. This week I had to run harder and do 10KM in 50 minutes or face my own self-criticism. Prior to myself leaving for the run I gave myself a stare down in the mirror (like the sports ads on TV) trying to focus myself and psych myself up to get my mind ready for the barrier I was about to through.

Running clothes on, music turned up, I hit the pavement and instantly knew that I had to stride in to a quick strong pace and not only that I had to try and maintain the pace. The first 5K went pretty well although part way I was distracted due to overheating. I had way too many layers on for this time of year so I had to remove my tracksuit top and tie it around my waste.  Although this is not a big issue, it’s yet another unnecessary thing to distract you from trying to keep focused and maintain a steady strong rhythm.

At the 5K mark my time was bang on 25 minutes, which made my heart sink a bit because I thought I ran the first 5K quite fast hoping to give me a few extra minutes for the home run. The last 3 or 4 KM I felt I was digging deeper than at any time before. I could feel my lower back starting to strain and my chest at times felt exhausted. I used markers like driveways and lamp posts to alternate between a run pace and a jog pace.

The final 1KM felt quite brutal and I was at the level where I can understand how a runner could throw up although I was not quite there yet. I managed to really raise my pace for the last 200m or 300m and it almost felt like a sprint finish. Whoop Whoop, finally I managed to do the 10 KM run in 50 minutes (even 15 seconds to spare but who’s counting). I could feel that this was the hardest I has pushed to date because I was not able to stretch or cool down as I usually do straight after the run. I was star shaped flat on my floor for a good couple of minutes which has never happen to me before.

Lessons Learnt.

Wearing the correct running clothes becomes critical when you start to get more proficient at running. The layers which were once good for winter running eventually become a hindrance and start to slow you down as they become too heaving due sweat absorption and to not allowing your body to sweat and the sweat to evaporate. Check out this online store for a a great selection of cool running clothes for both men and women.

Especially when I was getting tired towards the end, I ended up using lampposts and driveways as markers for me to pace myself. I would jog at my baseline pace between two lampposts and then at a much higher pace between the next two lampposts or driveways. This way of running felt much like the interval training taught in Shaun T’s Insanity.

When running on your own, at times it can feel a bit isolated with no one around for you to pace yourself against or to push you. At times I heard myself saying come on push it or something similar (no I’m not going mad).

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