10K Training Road Race. Training Day 5

Today I made the unusual decision to do my 10K training run at 5pm instead of the usual 10am or 11am time slot due to two reasons. One I woke up late in the morning because I took the family out the evening before and two, because it was raining…hard! It so happened that I was slowly feeling guilty as the time approached 5pm so much so that I could not live with myself any longer and didn’t even have to force myself at that point as I am fully aware of the dreadful feeling of procrastination.

At 5pm sharp I was on the road and started the10K training run with good pace since I was attempting to run it in 50 minutes (last week’s run was 51 minutes) and might I say pretty good technique. My posture felt up right, legs were lifting nice and high and breathing was controlled. And I was anticipating the onset of mu usual side stitch. And as usual my side stitch manifested but today felt slightly different. Because I was expecting it at the usual 1 to 2 km mark, my torso was already conditioned to expect it so it seemed to not bother me as much and in fact it dissipated after about 10 minutes and didn’t return again…result!

I hardly slowed down when I checked the time at the half-way point of today’s 10K training run which kind of comforted me that I must be ahead or getting fitter. The time said 25:45 minutes so I knew I had to maintain at least the same pace and bit more for the last 5K. From my perspective the run felt fine and I felt I was doing all the right things although at times I felt that I mentally drifted off and could have pushed myself just a little harder at some points. Unknowingly, I did not even do the typical finish line type sprint finish on my way back. Today’s 10K training run was completed in a whopping 52 minutes, 1 minute slower than last week.

Lessons Learnt:
  • Don’t get complacent and assume that just because you are running and training each week that your run times will automatically come down and improve. This is obviously not so as my time was one minute slower than last weeks and I cannot think of any factors affecting my abilities today. There is also something called plateau which is similar a road block which needs to be broken before you can progress even further.
  • I haven’t had a chance to but myself some running ear phone yet and I soon realised I need new ones after one of the buds fell out of my ear after only 36 paces. Anticipating this, I used a small piece of clear scotch tape to hold the bud in my ear. It worked like a dream and stayed in ky ear for the entire run however not the best look.
  • Although this is somewhat slightly contradictory to the first lesson learnt above, don’t fall in to the trap of trying to better your run times by too much and too quickly. 10K training runs like any other long distance runs will only be improved upon by those who pace themselves and run steady or risk burnout and feeling of disappointment.
  • Lastly and funnily, if you are one that has a high aroma or smell sensitivity to food then you might want to review where you do your runs. The first run route took me past a bakery where they seemed to always be baking fresh bread just at the same time as I ran by. This new route I am taking and specifically late afternoon early evening I smelt a gorgeous aroma of grill and BBQ. Both of these are a dead cert to distract even the hardiest of runners.

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