10K Road Race – (Training day 1)

After much deliberation, I have entered to run a 10K road race which is to be held at the end of April 2014. This will be my first ever road run and I must say I am looking forward to it and thought it may be a good idea to write a blog about this event in order to inspire others to take part in a road race one day themselves. I will be running in the category time of 1:01 to 1:15 which I thought would suit my fitness level. Recently I have been following the Insanity home workout DVD so I am feeling fitter that usual so I hope I haven’ categorized myself too high.

My journey so far has started with my first training run today 9th Feb 2014. I ran from my home to a 5k point and back again. I determined the 5k point whilst driving to work by setting the speedometer clock in my car to zero when starting out for work. I made sure I warmed up before starting the run by doing three sets of running on the spot for 30 seconds and star jacks followed by some stretching of the hip flexor, calf muscle, hamstring and gluts. Once warmed up, I put on my jacket, running shoes, headphones, gloves and hat (as it is -1 degrees C today), pushed play on my music player, set the stop watch to zero on my phone, pressed go and off I went.

The first 2k went without a hitch. Nice and smooth jogging at a steady pace to my beats. At the 2.5K mark, an irritating chafing stared to occur under my right foot arch but I ignored it and carried on. At the 3k mark, a stitch started to irritate me on my right side. What I did here to stem the pain was to contract my core or tense my abs to avoid the midriff from rattling around so much. Surprisingly it worked and the pain abated.

The half-way point at 5K was where I turned around and ran back the way I came. The chafing in my foot was getting worse and at times found myself at times running on the edge of my foot or what I call the knife edge to avoid the pain. Around the 8K mark I was fighting to keep the stitch at bay, trying not to run on the blister which was forming under my foot and fighting the fatigue. However, I made it home and surprisingly did the run in 56 minutes which is better than my category time. To close todays blog, I have put together a list of issues/solutions and tips which I used or need to implement in future runs.

  • Whilst jogging, a stich developed in my side. I controlled the stich with the contraction of my core. Next time I will try to control my breathing better.
  • A blister under my foot caused mild pain and inconvenience. I must invest in a new pair of running shoes.
  • I listened to high energy music to pump me up. The music definitely played a beneficial role in my run as I was able to run to the actual beat pattern and when a section of the music dropped it really fired energy in to me almost like a turbo boost does for a car.
  • Again, another technique which Shaun T teaches you in his home workout DVD called Insanity is to run like you have a potato chip between your fingers. This is such an effective technique as typically when we run we tense up the hands and shoulders causing energy to be wasted.

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