10K Road Race. Training Day 4

Missed last Sunday’s run due to my childrens soccer end of season tounanment which extended over two days. Since I am also the coach for my kids team, I was so busy that I was unable to even think about running last weekend. Now that’s all over, I managed to get on with with my running routine today (16th March 2014). Weather is Rain!

The run started off very well and I was wearing new running shoes. The intial few kilometers were strong with good pace and remembering to keep the torso taught to avoid the stitch. However, the stitch soon manifested and I am beginning to think that its my achilies heal.  At a round the 3KM mark my shoe lace untied so I had to stop for a few seconds to tie a second knot in both shoes. At around the 4KM mark I was caught at a road junction were I lost at least 30 seconds waitng for the lights to change.

The second half of the 10K, my pace had quickened somewhat and I felt like my mind was in that higher level of conciouness again. Its a great feeling as it makes the distances just disappear and quite often you don’t know you are in the mind space until you come out of it and become aware of your surroundings again. This state of mind can be a great thing if you are running around a track or cross country but when running along the side walk negotiating traffic and road crossings it can be a moderate risk as I found out when I ran a red light and only knew that when I heard the cars honking at me…my bad!

The last 1KM was at a moderate pace and I could not find the energy to increase my pace for the last 200M or so for a sprint finish. My time for todays effort was 54 minutes which is around 3 minutes faster than two weeks ago. I am quite happy (well very happy) with the improvement in time especially since I hadn’d been running for two weeks.

Lessons learnt from the run.

The new running shoes did not create a blister and no pain in the knife edge of my left foot which I experienced before with the old running shoes.

Try not to think of how much distance there is to go as it starts to feel daunting. Focus on your pace, breathing and rythme and you’ll find that distance passes quite quickly.

Maintain positive thoughts throughout the run whatever the thoughts are about. Really try to think positively because as soon as any negative thoughts enter the mind, your run pace will suffer.

Because of the rain, I placed my music player/phone in a small zip lock bag to avoid it getting wet due to the moisture build up in my pockets. Although it did not stay dry 100% because of the small hole needed for the ear phone wires, it was a lot better than leaving it loose in the pocket.

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