10K Road Race (Training day 2)

First, I must confess that I did not manage to get a run in last weekend due to personal issues so it’s been 14 days since my last training run. In some ways this has been a good thing mentally as it has really motivated me to want to prove something to myself today.

Today’s weather is 1 degree Celsius with snow and sleet falling which made some of the run quite slippery. Before I even put on my running shoes I knew it would be a challenge and not to expect to beat my last time of 56 minutes. During the first KM I found myself fiddling with my music player ear piece cables as they were getting tangled in my hands when running.

IMG-20140223-00829 IMG-20140223-00831

After I had tucked the cables away I then found myself trying to increase the volume on the music player. Somehow, I managed to mute the sound and from then on I was trying to rectify it for at least ½ KM. Eventually, I had to stop for at least 5 to 10 minutes trying to figure out what I had done to the music player. I ended up removing the battery which did reset the volume control. But by the time I was ready to go; I had lost some of my focus, lost momentum and of course and lost time.

As I resumed the run, I understood that I would not be able to make up the time lost especially with the slippery conditions so I ploughed regardless with the intention of only running to improve my stamina. Some of the areas were slippery and to avoid slipping I ran flat footed at times to keep as much surface area of my foot on the ground as possible. These are definitely the types of conditions where you need running shoes with some type of profile on the bottom to enhance traction.

The halfway 5K point is where I turn around and run back. At this 5K point I thought that I would reset the stop watch and see what time I could achieve. On the way back the stitch started to manifest as I was pushing it a bit which I stemmed by tensing the abdomen again. Because I had not bought any better running shoes, the blister I experienced in my first run started to irritate me again (must get the new shoes).

Surprisingly, the final 5K was not too bad as I managed to do it in 28 minutes. My first run was timed at 56 minutes (28 minutes there and 28 minutes back) so I was cool with the time since it’s been 14 days since I last run, the slippery conditions and the fact that the run was a bit disjointed due to my affair with music player etc.

Lessons learnt from todays run.
  • Thoroughly prepare yourself before you start your run. The smallest irritations can distract you and affect your run goals.
  • Tensing the abdomen seems to be working when you feel a Stitch occurring. It feels like extra work doing the tense but I am hopeful that it will become more natural as time goes on. However, a secondary benefit of tensing the abs is that you are working the abs and you know what that means.
  • A band aid covering the area where my foot was rubbing seems to reduce the blister. Better shoes are recommended but the band aid seemed to have some benefits.

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