10K Road Race. Training Day 3

Woke up early for some reason with a clear head, so I thought I would do an early run on a Sunday morning. Upon peering through the window blinds I saw that it has been snowing overnight again. Remembering the lessons learnt from last week about preparation, I made sure that my shoe laces were tight, head phone cables were weaved through the jacket and the volume on my music player was set to near maximum.

Sure enough the roads were very slippery so I had to tread carefully. For the first KM or so I found myself gaiting like Haile Gebreselassie does when he gets tired, well not quite the same but I found myself really struggling to set myself a pace, control my breathing and get a rhythm going. Besides that, I felt two stiches starting to occur, one in the usual location on the right rib cage and the other one at the front of my stomach.

It must have took me 3KM or so to get in to a steady pace and what with the snow and slippery conditions I felt like I was losing time. At the 5K halfway point my stop watch read 32 minutes which was slower by 4 minutes compared to my initial time. So, on my return I mentally prepared myself to push it. The mental focus seemed to work for the 5K back. The run  was hard but steady and I managed to complete it in 25.40 minutes which when you add them together is 57.40 minutes. This is the best time yet by 16 seconds however, when you factor in the slippery conditions it’s a bigger success than that


  • Ease in to your run. Don’t try to recover time too early especially in slippery conditions as you may slip and have an accident and get tired too quickly.
  • Draw in the abdomen and contract the core to lessen the stitch pain. This does work but it also uses up mental energy thinking about it and physical energy.
  • Take your mind to a higher level of consciousness once you get in to your stride as it helps melt the KM’s away whilst thinking of other things.

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