10K Road Race. Training Day 5

Spring is in the air, the sun is shining and the conditions are almost perfect for a training run. Since last weeks training run I have found an alternative 10K route which takes me through some local green belt and is virtually flat compared to the bridge I used to have to run over and busy road juctions I had to negotiate before.

Today I have decided to give myself a run target of 50 minutes to complete the 10K since my pace has quickened over the past few weeks. (Last week I completed the 10K in 54 minutes). Shoes tied, music head phones on, hat on and I was once again on the road. I felt my pace was pretty up-tempo today which could have been due to a number of reasons from, high spirits due to the warm bright weather, the new scenic route or just being fitter.

However, as expected and detested, my side stitch started irritating me again within 10 minutes of the run. This side stitch is really starting to annoy me now as I am having to slow my pace slightly when the pain occurs even though I am not actually feeling fatigued. So, using the same strategy as before, I tensesd my torso (abs and obliques) to reduce the amount of movement around my midrift to abate the pain.

The last 2-3KM went quite well although my head was getting hot from wearing the wooly hat which is actually a carry over from the cold run days but also a means to keep my music head phones in my ears (which now requires some reserach in to the best head phones for running). The run was completed in 51 minutes (one minute short of my target). I am still quite pleased with this time as I shaved 3 minutes of the run time in one session. I think I”m on track to hit the 50 minute mark at next weeks training run or even better.

 Lessons learnt:
  • The run was spiced because of the new run route. This removes some of the bordem out of the run since you have new scenery etc. which promotes alternative thoughts which in itself takes your mind off the run at times.
  • Some of the run was in my local green belt so some roads have no sidewalk. Becareful with your footing especially where the edge of the paving drops off. My ankle nearly twisted on the the edge of the paving when I was trying to keep tight to the edge to avoid vehicles. Better to maintain a decent distance from rough ground, prominent and visible on the road and allow the vehicles to pass around you.
  • My winter running clothes will become a hinderance soon due to over heating. Must invest in some warmer weather apparel and head phones which stay in the ear without the need for a wooly hat to hold them there.

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