My list of goals for 2017

When you get down to thinking about the things you want to achieve there are so many ideas that come to mind and it’s so easy to want to consider doing them all. The problem with this is that you will become overwhelmed very quickly with the sheer amount that you will either not know which one to start or not start at all. The trick is to break down and choose only the most important goals that will get you to where you want to be.

So, without making this more complicated than it needs to be, I have given it some hard thought and listed only six clear goals to achieve in 2017 as listed below which I call my MUST list. This list is my hard-core vision for the upcoming year and these are my number one priority. I have also brainstormed a side list of goals that I would like to also achieve called the MAYBE list. The maybe list is still important and considered more to do with attitude, conditioning and compassion rather than heading for a specific goal and besides, do not directly advance me on my journey to growth and success.

I will try to apply the RAM technique (realistic, achievable and measurable) to all of the MUST list set of goals in order to be able to manage them better.

MUST list of goals for 2017

  1. Communication skills, speaking to an audience, body language etc. Although I find I have average to mediocre communication skills, I have realized that the primary avenue for success is via communication. The world seems to be going video crazy so I would I want to access this platform and broadcast in my own unique way.
  1. Fitness and fighting fitness. I intend to get in the best shape of my life this year. You see so many people able to transform themselves and it must be such a satisfying feeling. Improved strength, coordination, balance, and endurance. It’s a tough world out there. Besides, there are also so many health benefits which add to my longevity. I want to be around for a while yet.
  1. Promote and market myself in my current Construction Management career and for future work opportunities. My day job is in Construction Management which I love. However, I feel I need to grow in my current role but perhaps not through the traditional role of promotion. My passion would be move into consultancy and write. I want to see how I can advance this idea.
  1. Purchase a new vehicle. This is very straight forward. As a family man, a new vehicle is required just for practical purposes. I’ve been thinking about something with a bit of bling, but lately I have come to realize that bling costs and is largely unnecessary. Bling at time draws unwanted attention to you, is expensive at the outset and ongoing maintenance and is worrisome in that you hope no one hits it or steals it. Practical needs are required.
  1. Purchase a final home. My construction work takes me all over and now it’s time to settle and put some roots down mainly for the family, schools and relationships.

MAYBE list of goals for 2017

  • Book 2017 Xmas holiday to Mexico.
  • Improve investment knowledge.
  • Support wife more in her studies and goals.
  • Have more patience with the kids (three young boys) you know how that goes.
  • Coach the kids in soccer to use their weaker foot and improve ball control.
  • Read at least one book a month.
  • No more screen time before sleep which can disturb sleep patterns.

5 tips to achieve my goals.

  • Get up early and do a light workout every day before work.
  • After the workout, auto suggest and motivate myself.
  • While at work, learn at least one extra thing about my day job.
  • Work out in the evening.
  • Work on goals in the evening before bed.
  • Continue to be motivated using various resources, video, reading, audio etc.

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