How to be successful and live life large. (The solution)

In order to initially understand how to be successful and live a larger life it really comes down to two simple factors. The first one is you got to change your mind set and visualize your path ahead. It really is a matter of just flipping the switch to take you away from feeling like there are too many hurdles in life or what if you fail, or you don’t have the time to; I want to change and prosper and nothing’s going to stand in my way from achieving it. You’ve got to take charge of your mind in order to live large!

However, as we know, this mental switch can be a heavy switch. You may need to hang from this switch with both hands clasped and with your entire body weight pulling down to flip the switch or even get others to help you flip it. And the reality is that you will need help with flipping your mental switch which can come in the form of many positive inputs anywhere from books, blogs, courses, speeches, seminars, video’s, personal support from family and friends and so on. Anything which provides positive input and makes you sit up and listen helps flip the switch from off to on, from stop to go or from procrastination to progression.

The second simple factor is continual action and putting all of your positive energies, knowledge and training to work and keep doing it day after day after day. Look at the simple metaphor of cooking a meal. The first time you make a meal, especially as a kid, was it a tasty lip smacking meal…No, it wasn’t. But after making that meal many times did it not taste better and did you not then try to experiment a bit by adding different ingredients or modifying the cook times in order to create a better meal.

Anyone you know who is successful was not born successful .They have spent countless hours, days and even years making  success happen which you did not ever see or witness because whilst you were in bed, watching that movie or chilling out, these people are on the treadmill of success behind the scenes making their dreams come true. No longer are they asking themselves how to be successful because they are too busy being successful.

Successful people are not stopping and raising their head to see if success has been reached. They know success is reached when they feel they don’t need to stop and look around. Head down tail up is their work ethic. For successful people, there is no end game. Success is never a destination but a passage for which they can view their horizon and keep upping their game. And you can have this success as well but only if you change your mind set, visualize your path ahead and take continual action.


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