How to be successful and live life large. (The reality)

Does just getting by, being frugal, cutting back or living by your means sound exciting or desirable? As boring as these statements sound, most of us abide by these rules or statements. When times are tough, living by these rules does make sense and even a necessity. However, if we are forced to live by these rules for reasons beyond our control, let’s live by them on a higher plateau without giving up the basic comfort levels we want or are used to. We all want to know how to be successful in life and get more out of life and there’s nothing wrong with that. It has nothing to do with greed or selfishness. The world is abundant and we were born in to this world therefore, so we have an obligation to enjoy the world’s fruits and abundance whether man made or natural.

Living life at its fullest and largest is to have more. More energy, more money, being more creative, adventurous, kind, loving, organized, doing more meaningful work, playing more, more sports, more dance, fun, loving more, creating more, more opportunities, spiritualizing more and having a deeper appreciation of yourself and others, being happier and joyful, being wealthier, affluent, generous, investment minded, being stronger, muscular, toned, being fitter, healthier, smarter, eating better, more confidence, more social, more knowledgeable, more helpful  to others, pay forward and back more, forgive more, more friendships and more satisfied with life. Pick any one and be more of it.

Phew, that sounds like a lot and sounds very intimidating but to be honest the above is just a brain deluge of all the things that you could stride for. For the average person though, even nailing one or perhaps two of these positive circumstances can create contentment and satisfaction. And in the average person’s mind, they think or accept they are living life large or large enough for their means. However, I am a believer that with the correct mind set and thought patterns, all or most of these positive circumstances will happen automatically and in a chain reaction process.

Here’s a simple example of how the chain reaction process can be successful for you. Let’s look at starting with setting your mind to getting fitter, which also inevitably means getting healthier because you’re improving the quality of food you eat as you know (or will start to understand as a default of getting fit) that a poor diet does not promote muscle or leanness. As you get fitter and healthier you become more confident in yourself and your abilities. Socially, you now feel better showing off your body to the opposite sex and feeling on par or exceeding your peers, colleagues, buddies and friends. Admiration and respected then flow towards you!

Being fitter and more confident will make you more durable physically and mentally which can then crossover in to your work environment and develop more confidence and courage to step outside of your comfort zone. For some, psychological reason, being fitter and stronger prepares you better for uncertainty and criticism! It is known that exercise assists better cognitive functioning so it’s easier to absorb and analyse more information and then put that information to good use. As a result you are more knowledgeable than before, wiser and generally smarter and more able to reveal creative ways on how to be successful. Being smarter, helps with business success, financial and wealth creation decisions are improved and this ultimately elevates your financial worth because of the better decisions you make.

With increased income, a better quality of life is born and allows material possessions to be reached. Get on the property ladder or upgrade to a larger home. Buy the toys you always wanted like the large flat screen UHD TV and surround sound media system and the Mercedes GLS AMG. Take your family on the extended vacations you have always dreamed of with above 4 start hotel quality. Eventually, wrap work around your lifestyle rather than your lifestyle around work and then become financially free and live life by your rules and not others.

Having the confidence to make better financial decisions drives and snow balls income levels and your ability to invest in yourself more and others. Helping others is a generous way to pay it back and forward and allows you to be philanthropic which leads to a greater community and humanitarian experience. At this level, you have time and a lust for a greater understanding of yourself as most of your needs and desires are met. This can raise an awareness and wanting of a deeper inner understanding of yourself and others, spiritualization and spiritual enlightenment.

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