How to start getting fit

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How to start getting fit

Do you believe that the answer to your question about how to start getting fit is to simply start from the beginning! Jumping on to a new exercise fad or popular fitness program haphazardly is not a good way of getting fit as with most fads they quickly go out of style or you find that they are not working…then comes along another one. This bouncing from one to the next is a poor strategy and will not allow you to accurately determine where you have come from or where you are going, both of which are crucial if you are serious about getting fit.

Typically, to be successful at anything you are serious about you need to base your plans on a good platform which initially acts as a base line or starting point. Secondly, a baseline allows you to then start making informed choices about fitness which then allows you to take incremental steps towards your fitness goals. So, your question about how to start getting fit starts with three basic questions which asks, what is your drive to get fit, how fit are you now and lastly, fit is seen by many in different ways, so what type of fit do you want to be.


How much do you want it and what are you willing to do to get it?

This basic question is easier said than done but is the one question that can make your fitness dreams come true, splutter along or fail at the first sign of a push-up. You see, this question requires you to have vision, belief in yourself, sacrifice and compromise all of which are unknown quantities until you start.

What is your fitness baseline?

Unlike the above question, your fitness baseline or in other words how fit you are currently allows you to provide a tangible answer because you are what you are. Addressing your fitness baseline does not necessarily mean that you are unfit. You may not have a six pack but you may still be relatively strong, or you may have slim legs but you are a great long distance runner. This scenario leads us in to the final question about how to start getting fit.

What type of fit do you want to be?

First and foremost, being fit is not all about the illusion of being fit. We of course want to look good but we should also want to feel good. Do you just want to lose some weight, do you want to get toned or muscular, do you want to be fit, agile and flexible; do you want to get fit for sports purposes? Decide on where your fitness dreams lie.

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