What type of fit do you want to be.

rock-paper-scissors-933320-sThere are many differing opinions on what is considered to being fit and healthy and how to get fit and healthy. Having great biceps or bulging shoulders but having a fat gut, smoking 20 cigarettes a day or drinking 10 beers on the weekend may loosely be considered by the optimistic as being fit to the realist fitness is a lot more than that. The true sense of being fitness starts with a mental state of mind, a nutritional balance and of course physical exercise.

There’s lots of information already written about mental preparedness, healthy eating and different types of fitness regimes so there is no need to regurgitate that information in this article. But just know the basics. Mental fitness, nutritional fitness and physical fitness all work as one to your advantage if you are doing it correctly and will definitely work against you if you are doing it wrong. Getting fit is not about living off lettuce leaves or thinking purist thoughts. Getting fit is really about simple positive self-messages, a sustained physical plan and a balanced but yet still delicious diet.

So, I ask again, do you want to just get fit it just so you can flex a bicep or flash a toned leg at a member of the opposite sex or would you rather have long lasting fitness opportunity which allows you to not only look great but also feel great. After reviewing how much you really want to get fit and what you are willing to do to get fit in previous articles and determining how fit you are and your fitness baseline is, it’s time for you to choose the type of fit you want to be.

Only you can select your point of access in to the fitness world and choose carefully in order to not waste your own time. You may already know how fit you are and what type of fit you want to be and are ready to go ahead and select your desired fitness route. However, if you are still unsure, there are four scenarios on the next page to assist you make that final decision before you leap in.


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