How much do you want it and what will you do to get it.

How much do you want itEveryone has thought about getting fit, has tried to getting fit or is on a path to getting fit. However, most people do not realize that successfully getting fit is not achieved through knee jerk reactions because they have seen images of a great body or because the warmer summer weather is just around the corner.

If you really want to enjoy any success at fitness you should first ask yourself how much do you really want it and what are you willing to do to get it.

How much do you want it.

It’s easy just to say I want to get fit but actually how much do you want it. Is it something you constantly dream about and imagine yourself becoming one day or are your thoughts of getting fit just a flash in the pan which manifests only when exposed to fit looking people, fitness videos, images of fit bodies and fitness magazines but then dissolves once the stimulus is over?  The purest sense of wanting something is to desire it and for some it becomes an obsession to the extent that nothing will stand in their way until they achieve it.

Some may have specific reasons to get fit due to health issues, work related or recreational reasons. If you`re unsure of why you want to get fit, then read the below list of reasons as to why you should get fit. Remember that getting fit should not just be a milestone you reach and then let it go because if you are able to get to that milestone then you are able to continue and treat fitness as a way of life and a life style.

  • Image: Look good. But you will also feel good and be more attractive to the opposite sex.
  • Healthier living: Reduces cholesterol, increase metabolic rate (so you can eat more), better sleep, reduced blood pressure, strengthen immune system, and helps maintain youthful looks.
  • Great for sports: reduces injury, improves range of motion.
  • Daily Life: Increased strength, more agile and durable on the streets, better balance and coordination, increased energy and increased reaction time.
  • Personal: Increased confidence, self-esteem, decrease anxiety and paranoia.
What are you willing to do to get fit.

Determining that you really do want to get fit is the easy bit. Now you need to determine what extents you are willing to take to get fit. As they say, words are cheap or now you have talked the talk it’s time to walk the talk. What are you willing to give up in life and what are you willing to implement and put in place. Or better still, how can you manage your life so that you can have it all but in moderation? There are many elements in life which can impact your willingness to get fit; however, time, energy, sacrifice and commitment are the strongest reasons for you to get control of.


Many say that they want to get fit but they don’t have the time. Well, sorry to say that time is finite and isn’t extendable so you will have to find time and more importantly, use the time you find efficiently. Are you still thinking about how you will find the time? Well here are some real easy and obvious ways to find time. First, stop watching mind numbing television. Hours are spent watching stuff that doesn’t better your life. A good occasional movie or documentary is great for relaxing but Friend and Cheers every other night….come on. Stop playing video games. Big time wasters and can also give you a nervous affliction. Walking around the mall! Do you need more clothes?  Remove the games on your smart phone or tablet and less Facebook please.


The Greek meaning of energy is at work so your body needs to be at work to create energy. However, it’s the classic chicken and egg dilemma in that you need to have energy to get energy so how do you get energy.  Here are a few simple ways to getting more energy which are actually modifying some simple life style habits. Rest and sleep which are quite contradictory to needing to be active. But rest your body correctly by simply getting a good night’s sleep without the assistance of alcohol etc. will go a long way and revitalize your being. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body and mind. Eat smaller and lighter portions of food and give your digestive system a rest. So, don’t be a slouch or a sloth. Fizz, bubble and wiz are terms which generate energy.


If your intent to get fit is serious then without doubt you will have to forsake stuff. Being honest with yourself and ask yourself if what you are deciding to give up helps towards your fitness cause. If no, give it up. Examples are seen as your favorite fast food dish or your carbonated soft drink. It’s difficult to realise but when you realise it it’s easier to give up.


And last but not least, commitment will be your chaperone to ensure you stay on course. If you want to get fit bad enough, then take a leaf out of your existing commitments. You go to work every day because you are committed to pay down your mortgage, eat and support yourself and your family. Further to that you are committed to make your car payments go on vacation and go for a meal out every now and again. Make your promise to yourself and keep it. Do what you say you are going to do. If you fall off, get right back on again.

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