How fit are you. (what is you fitness baseline)

fitter-faster-stronger-564202-mUnderstanding how fit you are or knowing your fitness base line is crucial to fully understand what type of fitness needs to be done and at what level.

One of the quickest ways to fail your fitness journey is to start at a level which is above or below you because either the workouts you choose will be too hard and seem like a very steep uphill battle,  or too easy and the results you are anticipating will not appear.

As part of many modern workout DVD programs, they include a disk called a fit test whereby they get you to work through a number of straight forward exercises and usually request that you record how many you did for the duration of the test. This is what would be called your base line and can be used as a guide to monitor how you are advancing. Similarly, if you go to a personal trainer, they will also put you through your paces to see how fit you are so that they can design a program which is suitable for your fitness baseline.

Your fitness level will be primarily dependent on three attributes consisting of strength flexibility and stamina all of which when combined together enable you to experience your  physical workout.


Strength is the resistance you are able to exert upon an opposing force or object. If you are doing push ups, the opposing force which you are resisting against would be your body weight when pushing up.


Flexibility is analogous to the oil in your joints or the spring in your step. It’s flexibility that allows you to do that push up right down to the ground and back again with less wavering.


And stamina is like the gas in you engine. Stamina is what allows you to do more than one or two push ups, but 20 or 30 or 30 or 40 until your muscles are exhausted.

To know your baseline fitness level really is your starting point. Be comfortable with your level no matter what level it is as it is the one anchor point for you to reference back to when you start on your fitness journey. It’s the point you can look back on when you climb the fitness ladder and realise your advancement.

You can simply design yourself a fit test of your own by writing down up to 10 different exercises all 15 to 20 or 20 to 30 reps and see how long it takes you to do them. The fit test can either be a separate work out which you try periodically between using other workout modules or it can be the workout itself.

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