Effective ways to lose weight

If you are 100 % serious about losing weight then you will need to actually be 100% serious about losing weight. Being part serious, serious on the weekends or serious now and again will not cut it as you will find yourself beating yourself up when you realise the continued failures. What you are ultimately looking for are real and simple effective ways to lose weight which provide maximum output for minimum input. And no, minimum input does not mean not having to workout. It means not wasting your time on ways that are ineffective or inefficient.

Effective ways to lose weight does not mean complicated ways to lose weight. The meaning of effective is to be successful in producing a desired result and that desired result is for you to lose weight. If you have succeeded in any other part of your life be it work, bringing up a family or sports then you can also believe that you can lose weight. Losing weight can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it. Yes you can count calories, use slimming pills or buy the latest piece of equipment that promises to shed the pounds. However, the most effective way to lose weight is to focus on the three core elements of losing weight which we like to call the mind, the muscles and the meals.

The mind

You’ll need lots of metal focus and be able to put on the blinkers, ignore the surrounding noise and get it done. At some point you have to stop chasing the next new keep fit craze or fitness regime and choose one that suits your needs and stick with it.  To help you focus, use lots of motivation to help you. If you can afford a personal trainer to motivate you then great. If not, the next best things are images. Images of those who have already done it and images of the body that you want to aspire to have. Look at them, admire them and then be like them. There are plenty of images on the web to train your mind in thinking that you can do it because other people have done it also and they are human just like you. Click here to view tons of great images, tips and ideas to get motivated, inspired and get started NOW.

The muscles

Of course you need to work out to basically shed the calories and weight and build up strength. The old saying what you put in is what you get out of it is exactly correct. If you want quicker results, then you have to spend more time on it. In order to lose weight, the main thing you have to do is get your heart rate up and keep it up for a sustained amount of time. But that doesn’t mean just running on the spot and breaking out in a sweat. No, that would be too easy. You will need to start breaking down the fat which is done when you start building up the muscle which is achieved through resistance training which basically means pushing or lifting weights.

The meals

The word diet implies not eating anything or only eating lettuce leaves. This could not be further from the truth. Diet actually means controlling what you eat and consuming foods which are good for you. Let`s face it, burgers and fries are not good for you. They taste great but they are packed with elevated amounts of calories and its the calories that you are trying to keep under control (not eliminate). There are many items of food and recipes that are delicious with lower calorie levels if you would only give them a chance. Again, depending how overweight you are and how quick you want to lose weight will depend on the amount of calories you will need to reduce and for how long. Here’s food for thought (mind the pun) once a person has sustained a higher level of fitness, their metabolism increases which means the body burns off the calories quicker thus you get to eat more (good food).

Quick tips to lose weight.

Below are some very quick, easy and free ways to start losing weight right away. As we have said, effective ways to lose weight is the key and these small ways can be implemented in to your life style without expense or time allocation.


  • Emaller meal portions and chew your food slowly. Don’t wolf it down. Take a mini break durting then meal to give time to get the food in to your belly.
  • Drink lots of water to fill up the belly (even try the tinted water instead of carbonated drinks). Even squeeze some lemon in your water for taste.
  • Snack on bananas. Great energy and low calorie.
  • Don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Eat before you go, how about a banana before you go shopping and you won’t binge buy as easily.
  • Cut out breads or at least eat brown or rye bread to stop the bloating.


Suggested workout plans to lose weight

The first program you try may not work for various reasons. Don’t feel that it is a waste of time trying a few different programs since not all programs suit everyone. Whilst trying the different programs know that you are also learning and gathering information to help your journey.

Shaun T T25.

A great start to losing weight since each session is only for 25 minutes and will allow the determined among you to successfully complete each workout.  T25 is a set of DVDs designed for overall workouts. Read more>>>

Bill Blanks Tae Bo

Billy is an old school instructor and likes to use the beat of the meusic to keep up your tempo. Tae Bo introduces a number of kicks and punches in to his routines and these are great for the flexibility and extending your range of movement motion. Read more>>>

Turbo Fire

Kick boxing ,dance and music inspired workout to get the heart pumping and waste those calories. Read More>>>

Shaun T Insanity

This workout is left till last as it’s better to do it once you have some experience in working out or you have gone thought one or more of the above dvds. High intensity and high calorie busting, Shuan T’s Insanity is ideal for shedding that weight and getting fit at the same time. Read More>>>




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