X-Train Workout Review

X-TrainFit is a 12 week fitness workout for women to achieve the best shape they can over a 12 week period in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

The DVD set consists of 8 DVD’s called chest and back, stretch, yoga, cardio, circuit burnout, XTF arms, XTF Legs and hard core.

The equipment used in the workout is limited to light weight dumbbells or rubber resistant bands.

Personal trainer, Stephanie Oram, will guide you through the whole workout program from start to finish. X-Train it is marginally lower impact than other programs such as Insanity, P90X and GSP Rushfit but is still tough enough to give anyone a great sustained workout.

This program is particularly aimed at for post beginners to intermediate levels and would particulalrly benefit women who have problems shedding fat and/or for those who want to tone their bodies.

Cardio Disk

Cardio, which is a 54 minute program, helps in shedding fat. Different styles and contrasting movements are designed to get you wanting to finish the workout.

Circuit Burnout Disk

Circuit Burnout is an 80 minutes long disk and is aimed at high-intensity workouts for body sculpting using a series of cardio and toning combinations to burn maximum calories.

XTF Arms Disk

XTF Arms is a 49 minute workout, which aims on toning shoulders as well as helps in creating sculpted arms.

XTF Legs Disk

XTF Legs focuses on the lower body particulalrly the legs and glutes and the program is good for 53 minutes.

Hard Core Disk

Hard Core regime, which is good for 54 minutes, works the abdominals, back and thighs.

Chest and Back Disk

Chest and Back exercises focuses on the upper part of your body and this exercise will only take 63 minutes which includes push up and pull up workout.

Yoga Disk

Spend 42 minutes for Yoga to help build strength, flexibility and balance.

Stretch Disk

And lastly, the Stretch exercise which is 26 minutes long helps reduces the risk injuries during exercise and also helps your muscle recover faster.


Not only is this program great for beginners because of the easy-to-follow guide of Stephanie Oram but also for those who are at an intermediate level. With focus and determination, you can have a great workout and at just a fraction of the cost of other DVD training programs.

The only set-back with package is that the video was not recorded with the best video quality compared to the other more expensive workout DVDs such as P90X and Insanity. But other than that, there are no other known complaints regarding this product.

People who purchased the X-TrainFit DVD workout had so much fun following the program are now giving positive reviews about it and say that “this fitness program really works.” Well, like most home workout programs, it will only work if you step up to the plate and get it done. Find the time to scheule the workout in your day/week/month and see your body transform and get in the best shape you can.

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