UFC Fit Review

The UFC Fit DVD set is yet another set of cleverly developed workouts that guides you through techniques which are followed by the best UFC athletes themselves. The DVD set will certainly assist you gaining strength, lose weight, boost your energy and develop fighting skills which are second to none. If body and mind to it a stay with the program, you will see remarkable results within 12 weeks.

The front man for this workout program is Mike Dolce who is a UFC world class elite trainer. In his career Mike has fought in the octagon himself, trained other fighters and helped fighters lose weight so he is definitely no slouch and certainly knows his stuff. Other notable UFC fighters like Michael Bisbing and Urijah Faber also support this workout program.

The program promotes that it is full body intensity training (FIT) which means it works out the chest, shoulders, arms, back, legs and abs throughout the program. Along with the fitness and nutrition manual, you get 12 DVDs which are review below. The package also offers 4 Bonus gifts comprising of Shark Attack Bonus DVD, Ab Assassin Bonus DVD, 3-Day Shred Weight Loss Program and FREE Access to UFC FIT™’s Support Community for 90 Days. And they offer a 90-day money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with the program.

Power Punch: It is a 40-minute disk which looks at the pushing movements of muscles of the lower and upper body by the use of complex multi-joint maneuvers. The core muscles are isolated throughout the cardiovascular exercises and made to work hard which is consistent with the fat burning process.

Power Pull: It is a 43-minute running DVD that takes you to the 2nd fitness level by concentrating on the pulling muscles of the lower and upper body, matching the opposing workouts taught in the Power Punch disk. Again, this disk simulates the cardiovascular core training of Power Punch and continues to maintain a high intensity level.

Ploy Shred: A shorter disk at 32-minute runtime that focuses on volatile, full-body actions, combining speed, strength, suppleness and staying power. This workout keeps the pace high and the body, stirring in all directions. The aim of this workout is to stretch the body and keep adding the repetitions to workout.

Fat Fighter: It is another 32-minute workout that focuses on high-power, cardiovascular, entire-body workouts. This workout keeps your body working at a maximum level and raises your heart rate for a maximum time of 3/4 hour at the same time powerfully working all muscle groups.

Striker Strength: It is a 40-minute running DVD through which somewhat emulates the workouts done in the Power Punch DVD but to a much higher level. The workout durations are now lengthened and added intensity levels are introduced making it the daddy of the Power Punch sequence of workout styles.

Grapple Strength: It is a 43-minute DVD that complements the Striker Strength workout. Again the intensity level is elevated as you would expect being part way through the UFC fit program.

Ultimate Fit Challenger: This is a fast-paced, towering intensity workout that is packed with action workouts that imitate the speed of a UFC contest with familiar actions. This is a 35-minute running DVD.

Ultimate Fit Champion: Through this 35-minute running DVD, you can get organized to do the toughest muscle-constructing, fat-burning workouts pulled from the preceding nine weeks in addition to new workouts intended to drive your whole body to its limits.

Cardio Cross Train: In this 40-minute running DVD, the kickboxing procedures suitable to burn body fat are incorporated. These workout routines are carried out at a medium, aerobic speed, combining body-shaping actions with theoretically sound elements of conventional striking methods.

Ab Assassin: In this 23-minute DVD, the focus is devoted to abdomen, firming and shaping muscles adjacent to the center and glutes. Soft stretching is applied with strength-training and low-intensity workouts.

Ultimate Stretch Flex: In this 25-minute DVD, the Ultimate Stretch Flex combines the well-known stretching and relaxation methods employed in Olympic training centers and yoga studios. The focus is a low-intensity exercise, permitting your mind and body to recuperate from the extreme pace of the other exercises in the program.

Shark Attack: Shark Attack imitates the shark tank rounds in UFC camps when a combatant fends off a new training associate once every minute through a five-minute round. Here, five complete-body workouts for each round at the rate of 60 seconds per round are being performed. This is 28-minute running DVD.

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