Tapout XT Review

Are you looking for a workout program that tones your abs, tunes your muscles and makes you fit using a series of high intensity workouts? Think Tapout XT. It’s a program designed for people who really want to take fitness to a higher level and want to undergo a seriously bad ass workout. You see, this is not your usual fitness program that makes you work hard with feeble results. You’re not going to waste money on this program as long as you stick with the program. And we wouldn’t want to waste our time on this review if it wasn’t real. So if you want to take your fitness to the next level, continue reading because this could be the most significant moment of your life in regards to your health and fitness goals.

So here’s why it’s special.

Firstly, it’s been developed by Mike Karpenko, an experience fitness coach who combines a series of mixed martial arts to bring out the best in you. It’s a unique combination of punches, kicks and elbows, coupled with some plyometric, intensive cardio, calisthenics and a vast array of flexibility moves all coming in one package. Karpenko promises that his program will help you burn truckloads of fat while making you leaner and stronger. Moreover, by using this technique of mixed martial arts, you stand a good chance of getting shredded in 90 days flat!!

Let’s give you some background to the program.

This program was founded back in 2001 and marketed by TFitLLC. Today, it’s among the best fitness programs which is home-based and mixed martial arts-inspired to transform tedious fitness programs into a dynamic and entertaining experience. Thanks to the Hit TV show dubbed Tapout, which has really made this fitness program popular. And in case that’s not enough, we’ll let you know that Tapout is an official sponsor of some of the biggest names, including Jake Shields, Ryan Bade, Chael Sonnen and many more.

What’s in the box and what are benefits.

Once you buy the package, you’ll find 12 sets of DVDs, coupled with a workout calender, fitness guide, resistance bands, gloves and all sorts of stuff. Each DVD covers a set of different muscle groups and components and the intensive workouts are designed to do just what you want them to. The DVDs focus on improving muscle strength, cross core combat, competition core, athleticism, cardio conditioning/burning fat, flexibility/balance and many other things relating to fitness. In short, there is no area that thisn program doesn’t work on. XT means extreme, and so the program works just like it’s name suggests. It’s been proven scientifically that high intensity mixed martial arts with a series of maneuvers is the surest way to burn fat and stay fit throughout. This concept is popularly referred to as HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training. The idea is to generate rapid fire, maintain precision and power.

The DVD disk details.

  • Strength and force upper XT: Chest, shoulder and tricep sculpting.
  • Plyo XT™: Plyometric workout to improve athleticism and burn fat.
  • Cross Core Combat XT: Punching and kicking like a UFC fighter.
  • Competition Core XT: Core and abs workout.
  • Buns and Guns XT: Gluts, bicepts and triceps are hit hard in this work out.
  • Yoga XT™: Flexibility and body balance are learnt and mastered.
  • Sprawl and Brawl: Fat burning routines continue with all body workouts.
  • Muay Thai: Lots of kicks and striking emulating MMA style fighters.
  • Ripped Conditioning: Contour the body with resistance bands.
  • Ultimate Abs XT™: 15 minute workout on the abs, core and obliques.
  • Cardio XT™: Jumps, high steps, floor touches and more.
  • Legs and Back: Tough workout focusing on developing the legs and back.


This program speaks for itself. It adopts relatively simple concepts that anyone can master. It’s been proven that each workout, as highlighted in Tapout will burn up to 1200 calories. And all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions and get moving. It’s as simple as that. A valuable program for learning or improving your martial arts skills and being able to implement them in to workout fitness situation. What a great return on your investment! A tap out is when a mixed martial arts fighter taps the mat to signal he or she is unable to continue. This workout program may make you want to tap out at some point in time. But don’t! Stick with it and reap the wonderful results that wil come with completing a program like this.

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