Shaun T’s Focus T25 Review

Quick workouts seem to be the new trend, and this is what Shaun T’s Focus T25 courtesy of Beachbody is all about. Focus T25 is one of Beachbody’s latest innovations. According to this hot new program, all you need to do is commit 25 minutes to regain peak physical shape. 25 minutes is not a lot of time, and you can easily spare less than half an hour for the sake of burning calories, and becoming fitter, healthier and stronger.

What Exactly Is Focus T25?

If you have heard of the Insanity Workout, you can consider Focus T25 as a lower-impact and more convenient version that consists of quick workouts that you are supposed to complete in 25 minutes. Shaun T, the man who created the Insanity Workout, is also behind this full-body, intense training program that is sure to test your cardio. You will not need any equipment and you can do it from anywhere, as long as you have 25 minutes to spare.

This workout itself is quite uncompromising, which means that even in those 25 minutes, you will end up doing plenty of jumps, lunges, running moves and squats. It will challenge you, it will make you sweat, you will get no rest, and overall, it will be very intense. If you have a busy routine, with barely any time to go to the gym, then Shaun T’s Focus T25 is for you.

Are The Focus T25 Workouts Really Challenging?

Indeed, perhaps not as extreme as the Insanity Workout, but the T25 quick workouts are very challenging. Focus T25 will get you into doing 25 minutes worth of cardio, core and total body work without any breaks. The workouts are designed like a circuit.

Focus T25 is available in the form of 10 DVDs covering two main phases and a third option one. The first is the Alpha phase in which you have to do workouts, such as ab intervals, cardio, lower focus, speed 1.0, and total body circuit, for the first 5 weeks. The second is the Beta phase in which you have to do workouts, such as core cardio, dynamic core, rip’t circuit, speed 2.0, and upper focus, for the next 5 weeks. Finally, there is the optional Gamma phase covered in the last 4 DVDs in which you have to do workouts, such as extreme circuit, pyramid, rip’t up, and speed 3.0, for the next 28 days.

Is Shaun T’s Focus T25 For You?

Whether you want to get ripped or shed a few pounds, Focus T25 is certainly for you. It does matter whether you are a man or a woman, how old you are, what your fitness level or physical shape is, as long as you can spare 25 minutes, you should give Focus T25 a try, for your own good. Everyone can do the quick workouts that are a part of this program.


Focus T25’s workouts are also quite like P90x’s Plyometrics. However, this program itself is quite different from other renowned workout programs. Ultimately, it will leave you soaked in sweat once it is over, but the commitment required is lighter and shorter, i.e. just 25 minutes five days per week. As its name suggests, that 25-minute timeframe is what makes Shaun T’s Focus T25 so unique.

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