Shaun T – Insanity Workout Review

Having even the slightest interest in fitness, keep fit and health you will agree that the word insanity has become synonymous with the home workout routine hosted by Shaun T.

Because of its popularity, there are plenty of Insanity reviews online promoting it as one of the best workouts at home. Like many other workout routines, Insanity also promotes that results can be achieved relatively quickly and in this case it’s a years’ worth of results in 60 days (with the caveat of course that results may vary).

The caveat is actually true though because it all depends on what shape you are in when you start the program, how hard you work at it and how susceptible your body is to change. Insanity kicks off with the first DVD called Dig Deeper which is an introduction to the program where Shaun T discusses three specific areas of the program such as: Advisories.

  • Consult a physician before getting starting. Yes because it’s an intense workout!
  • Form is key. Ensure your body is positioned correctly for best results and safety.
  • Rest when needed. Yes because otherwise you might faint or worse.
  • Stop if you feel pain. Yes because the pain will get worse if you keep working it.
  • Drink lots of water. So you can replenish the water you are losing when sweating.
  • Fuel your body with recovery formula. Provides energy so you  can work more.


  • Traditional types of workouts consisit of moderate lengths of workout and then short intense bursts of high intensity.
  • The Insanity way consists of periods of high levels of intensity with short rests.

Areas of exercise.

  • Cardio plyometric.
  • Stretching.
  • Abs.
  • Sports training.

Insanity kicks off with a Fit Test which is a selection of eight exercises lasting for about 15 minutes. This test gives you a marker by allowing you to write down how many of each exercise you did so you can compare it to when you do it next time. There is a fit test on day 1, day 15, day 36, day 50 and day 63.

The Fit Test is a workout in itself! In the first month you cover 6 of the 10 disks and are called Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Cardio Power and Resistance, Cardio Recovery, Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs which all last around 38 minutes each. You will work on these disks for six days of the week, Monday through Saturday. Sunday is your day off. All of the disks are heavy on the cardio and much of the emphasis is directed at core strengthening.

The 5th week is called recovery week and all week you will work out to the same DVD called Cardio Core and Balance. Shaun T says that he wants you to not get over exhausted this week and recover your muscles from the pounding of the previous last four weeks. Still, the core strengthening ethos is of primary focus even for these recovery week exercises.

Month 2 is when it really picks up and it’s when you do the last 4 of the 10 DVD’s which are called Max Interval Circuit, Max Interval Plyo, Max Cardio Conditioning, Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs. These disks are nearly a full hour each (give or take 5 minutes), and are really really intense. It’s almost like the first month is a warm up for the main event as you have to be really focused and disciplined to keep up with this program this month.

There are two extra disks called Insane Abs and Max Interval Sports Training which you can use to substitute for Cardio Abs and Core Cardio and Balance in the event that you either need a change of stimulation or a boost to your intensity level. Pros

  • The participants of the DVD show signs of fatigue throughout the workout routines proving that they also find it hard and that you do not need to be super human to do this DVD.
  • Shaun T encourages you to take breaks when you need them and even makes the participants rest if they are losing their form through fatigue.
  • No equipment required at all apart from some loose clothing and comfortable shoes.
  • The program is fast paced, very engaging and focuses on the core muscles and particularly core strengthening which is basically making the abs and oblique’s stronger and more defined.


  • The stretching elements are nearly always the same and can become a bit boring. However, great if you are just getting used to stretching.
  • There are no modified moves demonstrated for those who like the challenge of the intensity but perhaps do not want to jump so often.
  • Newbies to working out will find it hard. This is definitely a program for the more experienced. However, if you modify the moves and only do as much as you can rather than trying to keep up, then anyone can start with the program and work towards getting better at it.
  • Lots of jumping and landing, so take caution if you have bad knees etc.

As far as home workouts go, this one is a force and the instructor Shaun T is a machine the way he pumps through the exercises and whilst talking. Without doubt you will get ripped and fit if you see out this program for the entire 60 days. You will likely see results happening sooner which is a great motivator.  And don’t worry if you cannot keep up or do every exercise to the max because calories will still burnt even at lower intensity levels. Compare that to doing no workout!

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