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Have you ever heard of a fitness program called Ruthless? Neither had I until I found it and what a great value for money program it is. This is not something you come across every day!

The Ruthless DVD box set is another well produced, hard hitting, high energy workout program based on the platform of a 20 minute workout each day. Aside from the DVDs, the box set also comes with a workout calender, nutrition guide and fitness test. Click here to download the Ruthless Workout Calender.

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What’s it about. Each 20 minute workout can either be used as part of the workout calendar or you can mix and match the disks at your own leisure. Following the workout plan is definitely key for those starting out as they may need some direction and an action plan to keep them on track. However, for those who have been in the game for a while and know exactly what they want, just pick a DVD which you fancy, play and get to work. For the more experienced, it is an idea to run two disks of your choice back to back giving you a double workout for 40 minuts total.

Compared to other programs which can cost over $100, this is great value at around $50. For your money you get ten DVDs each with two 20 minute workouts which equals to a whole wack of 20 minute workout options. A bit of background on the host. Steve Uria is the host of Ruthless and he is also the creator of the revolutionary fitness program called S.W.E.A.T 1000 from Johannesburg in South Africa, Steve came to the US and found his angle as a fitness trainer for the rich and famous. Steve now runs his own fitness center and is a very popular fitness figure on the circuit and in the media. Click here to review and purchase the program at Amazon.

The 20 minute workout program consists of the following DVDs.

Hardcore Circuit + Fitness Test

Nitro Burn


Lunatic Intervals

Performance Stretch


Partner Training

Hardcore Abs & Arms

Fast-Slow Burn Circuit


Rip 10s


Pure Willpower




Horizontal Circuit


Wicked Lower Body


Super Strength & Power


Killer 100s


Ruthless Ringside


Total Body Circuit


Tabata Sweat


Ruthless Gives Back


Core & Flex


Speed, Power, Sweat



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  • John

    Thanks for input.
    How do the workouts compare to Rushfit and P90X3?
    Not interested in backdrop, music, etc.
    Strictly the workouts stacking up against these more expensive and know DVD programs.

    • Multiplex_Admin

      Hey John.
      I think all three DVD box sets have their merits. Ruthless is very cost effective at a third of the price as the other two. And since each Ruthless DVD is only 20 minutes long it doesn’t feel so much of a chore to do the workouts and therefore more encourging to do especially for beginners. Both P90X3 and Rushfit are definitley more on the intense side, longer and use more equipment. If you have the time and staying power they are great programs which will get you fit in reasonable real time. I’m more of a fan of rushfit due to the use of more body resistance and fighting training.

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  • Shari

    I’m two weeks into ruthless and I can see the difference in my clothes. The scale a little but I’ve been so hungry and tired (I have a demanding career and 2 small kids) that I can only do so much; hence the 20 minutes per day. Plus who cares about the scale if the clothes fit better!
    I have always been a work out person but it’s still a bit of a challenge and perfect at just 20 minutes. I highly recommend.

  • multiplexAdmin

    Yeah, you are right. 20 mins is a good duration for a workout especially if you are busy which it sounds like you are. Knowing its for only 20 mins definitely helps with motivation. Its is definitely well priced for a workout program of this quality. Glad to hear the clothes are not as tight :-)

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  • I want to know, if I continue with the workout would I look like the woman who exercise in ruthless??? I love the dvds. Make me workout hard!!!

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