Rev Abs Review

Rev Abs is a workout that has for sometime been marinally below the radar for most people. When looking for high temp fat burning exercises we quite often look at programs such as P90X or Insanity or on the other hand we notice them more because the producers market them to us better. Nevertheless, choice and selection is what matters in most things in life and home workout DVDs are no different. So, without further ado lets take a look at Rev Abs.

Lively, fresh and dynamic are words chosen to describe the workout program and it is one of those types of programs that actually looks fun to do. There are loads of moves which really puts the body to work with full ranges of motion which you’ll be surprized you can do yourself. Brett Hoebel is the creator of Rev Abs and he demonstrates that this program incorporates three categories of fat burning exercises:

  1. Interval training which burns fat and grissle.
  2. Strength training which is intended to build fat burning muscle.
  3. Abs training, which is intended to expose and define the abs.

The Rev Abs Concept is called Abcentrics where the exercises work the abs from six different angles. The program is designed so that each and every single move and repetition targets the abs so that nothing is waisted. Below are the 6 groups:

1. Upper flexion: similar to crunches.

2. Lower flexion: similar leg raise.

3. Side flexion: similar to swiss ball side flex.

4. Double flexion: similar to head and leg raise.

5.  Twisting: Similar torso twist.

6. Extensions: similar to back stretch.

The program comprises of twelve different workouts playable on ten dvds. So two of the DVDS have two workouts on them and the other eight have one work out on the disk.

Disk 1 – Abercentrics.

Which is about 8 minutes long is called Abcentrics and introduces you to the technique to get the best results. This disk also includes a 15 minute intro to some great martial art moves from the Brazilian martial arts dance called Capoeira.

Disk 2 – Fire Up your Abs.

Is a 40 minute workout called Fire Up Your Ab. Explosive cardio intervals and Brett’s Six-Pack moves  abs circuit that works your core from 6 different directions.

Disk 3 – Power Intervals.

Power Intervals. Crank up the metabolism with high-intensity cardio that includes intervals of lower-body resistance moves. Belly fat will melt, lean up your legs and glutes, and work your belly—all at the same time. 30 min approximately.

Disk 4 – Total strength.

Total Strength. Strength training is a definite if you want strong and visible abs. You need strong and lean muscles on your side in the battle against fat. Approx. 45 mins.

On disk 4 you also haves Mercy Abs. This is a quick sharp 15 minute workout. Approximately 15 minutes long.

Disk 5 – Rev it up.

Rev it up Cardio is a fun workout which contains Capoeira and Kickboxing moves to burn the fat off your abs and ultimately your whole body. 45 minutes.

Disk 6 – Fat burning abs.

Fat burning abs will feel the burn with this abdominal and cardio duo. For 40 minutes you will feel the  heart pounding and the abdominals ripping.

Disk 7 – Power intervals 2.

Power Intervals 2 for 30 minutes, elevate the burn with lower-body resistance combinations and some epic cardio for increased belly-fat rinsing.

Disk 8 – Strength and endurance.

Strength & endurance is hard abs versus hard body. This entire body workout manifests your abs and contours your body for approx. 30 min.

 On Disk 8 as well is Merciless Abs.

15-minute abdominal shredder workout. Brett increases the intensity and works the core to the max.

Disk 9 – Full throttle abs.

Full throttle abs is a no bars intensity workout. The over charged abdominal workout that will melt the goo from your belly and sculpt your midriff.  40 minutes of intense abs tuning.

Disk 10 – Full throttle intervals.

Full Throttle Intervals is a 45 minutes, shift to top speed with interval training that will give you the boom results and allow you to train for longer and harder.


The program is suitable for men and women and all levels. The program also shows easier modified versions of the exercises for those just starting out.Where as many other home workout DVDs promote building muscle. strengtyh or endurance, Rev Abs is definitly one that has narrowed its focus and specializes on fat burning exercises that help to obtain your abs.

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