The Pit Workout Review

The pit is a collection of exercises that are divided into three categories. These include upper body workouts which strengthen cardiovascular muscles, a set of lower body workouts for stability and a third set that entail full body workouts.

The workout program suits people of all social classes owing to its affordability. The program is closely associated with mix martial arts training techniques. People who enjoy judo, karate and boxing training methods may as well find the fitness program highly rewarding. However,  John Hackleman the teacher of this program and trainer for the retired MMA fighter Chuck Liddell makes it clear that this workout is not like any of the traditional martial arts.

The upper body workout routine runs for 67 minutes. The section starts with a short warm-up session that’s followed by 10 minutes of burpee drills, shadow boxing and 12 different types of push-ups (20 of them for each type). The amount of time allowed between one exercise and the next is limited, creating a very intensity workout at a high tempo level.

The lower body workout session runs for about 51 minutes. The first couple of minutes focuses on how to undertake different types of squat kicks and various punching skills which sets the ground for the heart of the section’s workouts that target the leg muscles. “Christinas” are a variation of squats that you will find challenging after a few rounds that give way to exercises called killer drills…. There’s also a section on rope jumping which must be undertaken using one leg.

The full body workout session also runs for about 51 minutes and is made up of drills that alternate between shadow boxing, high knee jumping and sprawls. Shadow boxing allows you to improve upper body movement and strength. Jumping and sprawls are effective in strengthening your legs and back and overall dexterity. Other exercises in this section include squat-thrusts and the pit blackjack which are a rotation combination of squat thrusts executed over a set period of time.

Overall, The Pit is a real deal workout program definitely designed to get you in the fittest shape of your life quickly. The production of this DVD set does not have as much bling as say other programs such as Insanity, Tap out or Rush Fit, however it does instead seem to provide hard old school exercises which are what champions have used in their own fight training programs. Another great feature of this program is that it is designed to be done three times a week compared to other programs which can sometimes be 6 or 7 days a week.


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