P90X Review

P90X is perhaps one of the most popular and without doubt extreme workout programs around. It has been around 10 years but that does not detract from the benefits it can offer you if you get right in to it. For those who don’t like the thought of working out too hard this program is not for you. It is however right for you if you are looking for a real challenge.

Beginners will find this program very tough. Saying that, even veteran fitness enthusiasts will also find it tough. And that’s because it is tough! Generally, its not the type of program a novice would start out with as it may put them off and make them feel incompetent. However, with the right mind set, even those new to working out will get great value from it becuase they have something to work towards.

Tony Horton, the front man of P90X explains the reason that this program is so effective and gets faster results is because of the way it is deigned to confuse the muscles by changing the formula of the workouts before your muscles get accustomed to it and therefore shocking the muscle groups in order to keep them at high intensity levels.

Let’s take a glance at the DVD set in this program.
  • Legs and Back. Duration of just short of an hour and cosists of moves such as reverse grip chin ups, super skaters, wall squats (hard!), step back lunges, alternating side lunge etc. Most of the moves use weights or bands.
  • Back and Biceps. Weights, bands and pull up bars are used throughout this disk which runs for 51 minutes. Wide front pull ups, lawn mowers, standing bicep curls and one arm cross body curls are some of the moves execduted within this disk.
  • Cardio X. This disk a bit of a misnomer as it really consists of a mix of three of the other workouts such as Yoga, Kenpo and Plyometric. The disk runs for roughly 43 minutes and is a workout that builds up and with lots of variety.
  • Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. Run time of 56 minutes and starts off with chair dips, plange push ups, pike press, side tri-rise, floor flys, overhead extentions and many more. Again the push up bars are used in this disk.
  • Polymetrics. This is jump training and you feel the burn mainly in your legs. This disk runs for 58 minutes and covers moves such as jump squats, run stance squats, airborne heisman, swing kicks, leap frog squats, rock start hops, squat jacks and many many more..
  • X Stretch. X Stretch is just as it says. This disk runs for 57 minutes and can become a bit slow and boring if your one who likes to move around a bit. However, if you like Yoga, you will like this disk which consists of wrist forearm flexor stretch, arm circles, standing side stretch, both balsist and static stretching.
  • Kenpo X.  A great self-defence like workout constisting of jabs, hooks, upper cuts, jap cross hooks, jap cross hook uppercuts, step drag high punch, knee kicks, front, side and back kicks. This disk runs forn 58 minutes and is great fun to do especially if you are martial arts orientated.
  • Core Synergistics. Has a disk with a run time of 57 minutes and at times incorporates the use of weights and resistant bands. Moves such as banana rolls, lunge reach, bow to boat, low lateral skaters, leaning crescent lunge, squat runs and many more are worked through in this disk. This disk is quite good and varied due to the occassional use of weights and bands.
  • Shoulders and Arms. This disk uses weights and resistant bands pretty much throughout the dvd adding resistance to moves such as alternating shoulder press, in and out bicp curl, two arm kick back, deep swimmer press, full superation press, chair dips, upright rows, and lots more. This definitely feels like pumping iron.
  • Chest and Back. The disk runs for 52 minutes and starts with standard push ups, then wide front pull ups using the pull up bars or bands, military pushups using the push up bars, reverse grip chin ups, decline pushups, close grip overhead pull ups, back flys and more. A proper workout where you feel the burn pretty much all arond the torso area.
  • Yoga X.  Its quite a difficult dvd especially if you are not used to doing yoga. Lots of the traditional static strength and stability moves like upward dog, childs pose and warrior pose etc are in this dvd. This definitely will challange you on balance, strength and flexibility. Run time is around 55 minutes.
  • Ab Ripper X.  What a fantastic 15 minute floor based pure abs workout which includes scissors, crunchy frog, mason twist, bicycles, hip raise, and more. The core is really put through its paces with this dvd and you canm actually start to feel your ab muscles growing after a few of these sessions.
 For extra value, the P90X program can be used in three different formats.
  • P90x Classic is the basic version. This version alternates the resistance training with cardio and core type training .
  • P90 x Doubles – Pro Athletic level program. As per the classic version but includes extra cardio 3 times a week after the first month of the 90 day program. This means 3 days a week you do a morning and evening  workout that’s why it’s called double.
  • P90X Lean – High levels of  cardio and reduced upper body resistance workout exercises– Females seem to prefer this one more as its fantastic for improving definition and loosing weight.

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