Les Mills Pump Review

Les Mills Pump workout DVD offers you one of the best resistance systems to get lean and healthier. This training program is based on the very popular and widely used pump workout. Body Pump workout is used by many gyms across many nations. Body Pump workout technique is based on a highly researched formula going by the name, The Rep Effect. The whole concept of body pump workout is more reps with light weight. More reps, and light weight to give the leaner, stronger physique that you’ve have been dreaming of.

The Rep Effect model of the workout emphasizes on more and more reps using light weights. More repetitions with light weights will create momentum in the muscles that will burn fat faster. It uses resistance training to burn the calories that have turned into fat. Resistance training is considered to be the best choice among many who are looking for losing weight and building great body tone.

Les Mills workout DVD program offer you the famous Body Pump workout program, used by millions, at their homes. In the package, you will be getting 7 fat burning workouts distributed on 7 DVDs (and 2 bonus), along with that you will also be getting barbell, weight plates, safety clips, fitness book, nutrition book, and measurement tracker.

Seven DVDs that come with the package have got following content:1. Basics 2. Challenge 3. Burn 4. Shred 5. Revolution 6. Flow 7. Hard core abs

Les Mills workout DVD package is all you need to get into shape. With the body pump program and the The Rep Effect, you are going to see increase in your muscle strength, which will be easily noticeable in just short few weeks. Your general fitness will improve, you will look more livelier, happier and feel incredible.

The Rep Effect is all about doing more reps. You will be doing around 800 reps in a single workout. This might sound a lot but its not that bad when you are in the zone. You will be using very light weight for the workouts and 800 reps won’t feel much. With this program, you won’t be just losing weight, and getting lean but also make you more durable and prevent and protect yourself from various joint injuries like twisted ankle, sprained wrist, overextended elbow, damaged knee ligaments. These workouts strengthen your body’s joints by making the muscle around the joints stronger. This whole program will get you in shape fast and will make you feel confident.

Body pump workout program is suitable for anyone new to the working out or someone with years of routine exercise experience. It works for everyone. While selecting the appropriate workout routine, most people get bemused by the enormous amount of content available online. And in most cases, people leave the workout after few days of starting it. This is because change is difficult. Working out requires you to move, stretch your body. Les Mill Pump workout will offer you easy to do routines which you will love to do. So, go ahead, set goals, start with your routine workout, have fun, and let the body pump workout bring your goals to fruition.

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