Les Mills Combat Review

Bored of the old workout routine in the gym that doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere with respect to the results that you seek? Had enough of the endless 30 minute sessions on the treadmill which have still not got rid of those ugly, flabby love handles that you despise with passion? Les Mills Combat DVD Workout is anything but boring. Read on for more on this amazing workout.


From the company Beachbody, that brought to the market some of the most famous DVD workouts such as the P90X and INSANITY, Les Mills is a martial arts based complete body workout. In this program, you kick, punch and smash your way around the place learning and executing techniques from the martial arts disciplines. The speed of the workout is maddeningly intense, and the instructors are tough taskmasters, and push you all the way towards the shredded body you always wanted. Plus, you learn plenty of self defense skills that serve you well in an emergency, protecting you and giving you increased confidence.


Created by the ace kickboxing champion Dan Cohen and the experienced fitness instructor Rach Newsham, the duration of this workout is 60 days. The workout incorporates the best features of several martial arts disciplines from around the world such as Muay Thai, Capoeira, Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing, Jiu Jitsu. The moves from each of the disciplines are played out in a rapid quick fire sequence, with the instructors cajoling you to keep up at every turn. The exercises in the workout stretch and pull your fast twitch muscles with maximum intensity, which is vital for maximum burning of calories and removal of unwanted body fat.

The Packages.

The workout comes in 3 packages depending on your budget. The Combat Kit is the basic package and by far the most value for your money. The combat kit comprises of 5 disks consisting of the Basics, Kick Start and Power Kata, Extreme Cardio Fighter, Ultimate Warriors Workout and Power Hit 1 and Shock Plyo Hit 2.

Additionally you also receive the Stay with the Fight Fitness Guide and the Eat Right for the Fight Nutrition Guide. The next package up called Supreme Warrior Kit is more expensive and all you receive is a pair of fighters gloves for the extra $30 you have to pay which are not weighted or add much to the workout experience.

The most expensive package is called the Ultimate Warrior Kit and comes with all of the above plus some extra workout routines called Upper Body Blow Out, Lower Body Blow Out, Inner Warrior Stretch and Strength and Core Attack.

The Ultimate warrior Kit is $60 more expensive than the Basic Combat Kit which is money you could use to perhaps purchase a whole new alternative program since we know that we all eventually get bored with workout programs and look to alternatives to maintain stimulation.

Public Reception.

The triers of this workout have been quite effusive with praise. Reactions from online user reviews and recommendations vary from “awesome” to “loving it” to “great videos”. Users especially like the two trainers, Dan Cohen and Rach Newsham, appreciating the way in which they present the workout. Over all, the public reception for this work out has been largely positive.

In Conclusion.

This workout is highly recommended for three reasons.

  • The high intensity workout routine makes you sweat buckets and so shred fat quickly. The program claims that you will burn 100 calories per hour which is similar to the calories in 10 bananas or 7 cans of regular cola or 5 portions of French fries.
  • Because of the fat loss and muscle workout, your body will become defined all over and especially around the abdominal area.
  • The martial arts elements provides the final benefit in that you are learning fighting techniques which can be utilized for self-defence which ultimately helps with self-confidence and wellbeing.

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