Body Beast Review

The Body Beast home DVD workout resistant training program is the ultimate breakthrough to a chiseled, lean body structure in just 12 weeks that can be tutored in the comfort of your own home. According to creator Sagi Kalev a professional bodybuilder and a double winner of the Mr. Israel title and many others, the program is based on similar strategies and techniques he has used throughout his career. The procedure is dedicated to enhance body muscles while reducing the presence of unwanted fat deposits. This building muscle conditioning process is inclusive of DVDs which incorporate workout sessions and comprehensive guidelines on nutrition, supplements, and the workout training procedure.

Built upon the concept of a specific and dynamic sequence for maximum muscle tension, the Body Beast regimen exhausts the existing muscle to produce more fiber while enhancing the production of testosterone, the body’s basic hormone responsible for the development of muscles. The schedule is fundamentally result-oriented for building muscle, and is tailor-made to produce the desired results, in the shortest time possible.

Body Beast comes in kit options of introductory, base, deluxe and ultimate. The introductory kit is inclusive of a full DVD program without the supplements. The base kit consists of 12 workouts, the book of the Beast, a nutritional guideline and a supplement instruction, a calendar and a free mobile application. The deluxe kit comes with a 30 day supply of hardcore base shake and fuel shot supplements, 2 tempo workout bonus DVDs, and a free mobile application, while the ultimate kit comprises of 7 DVDs inclusive of one instructional copy, the Book of the Beast, a comprehensive guideline on supplements, training workout procedure and nutrition, hardcore base shake, fuel shot, MAX Creatine and Super Suma supplements.

The Body Beast home DVD kit provides adequate fat burning for a turbocharged weight-loss which transforms the body into a blend of a rock-hard, super-lean, and defined appearance. Creator and trainer Sagi Kalev believes that muscle exhaustion is a catalyst to the fat burning process, which in turn recruits more muscle fiber. Suitable for both men and women, this building muscle workout schedule incorporates safe, clean and pure supplements to help power-up the 12 week guaranteed body transformation.

The building muscle program is not limited to those aspiring to become bodybuilders, but aims at encouraging adults shed any excess pounds gathered over time, and acquire the toned body they once possessed. This 90 day money-back guaranteed offer, less shipping and handling consists of a 12 body toning 45 minutes daily workout schedule, and is inclusive of an eating-plan. The equipment required is simple and includes dumbbells, resistance bands, a stability ball, a bench, and a pull-up/chin-up bar, coupled with some living-room space to kick-start this exclusive building muscle program.

Designed for serious building muscle packing, this home work-out program combines new and old-school techniques without the necessity of expensive workout gym equipment, or dangerous steroids. Suitable for all body-types, the program is recommended for anyone who desires to improve their muscle strength and health, those desiring to burn excess fat and lean out, and anyone seeking to indulge in a complete bodybuilding regimen with guidelines on a healthy eating-plan, coupled with safe supplements.

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