Billy Blanks Tae Bo Review

Bill Blanks and his legendary fitness system called Tae Bo has been around since the 90’s and he is probably one of the first, if not the first person to amalgamate martial arts techniques, cardio and music to form a magnetic and enjoyable workout system. Over the years Billy Blanks has been prolific in pumping out numerous workout programs all individually packaged and aimed at full body workouts.

The Tae Bo system is slightly different to the modern day P90X and Insanity type workouts which focus mainly on very intense workouts over an 8 week or 90 day period, nor is it like the mixed martial arts DVDs like GSP Rushfit or Tapout where MMA type fighting type moves are taught and practiced.  If you like aerobics with a kick, and a punch then the TaeBo system may be just right for you.

Comparing Tae Bo to Aerobics is not to discredit the system as being light weight or for the spandex wearing population of the 80’s and 90’s. The comparison is only meant to provide an example of the rhythmical and fun element of this workout system. Yes, if you watch some of Billy Blanks older DVD’s you may smirk at the sometimes cheesy apparel and commentary but don’t be fooled by this as the work outs are very challenging and also quite enjoyable especially if you like bouncing to a beat.

Everything in this workout is executed to the count of 8 which really helps to keep you in step and keep the momentum going. If you find yourself slowing down or getting uncoordinated, just listen to the eight count and jump right back in again. The moves taught in this program are purposeful, exact and powerful and you can see that Billy Blanks clearly has a martial arts background in his DVDs by the pure ease at which he kicks and punches around the mat.

As mentioned above, Billy Blanks has churned out many workout DVDs over the years with most of them being one off individual programs which are listed below in no particular order. However, one of his most recent programs is called Tae Bo PT 24 7 which is a 7 disk set featuring DVDs such as the Basics, Combo Sculpt, Ripped Core, Body Blast, Cardio Burn, Boot Camp Power and Cardio. One of the sweet things about this pack is that the DVDs are all only 30 minutes long. The pack also includes a set of resistance bands which helps to add to the intensity, a pair of gloves a calendar and nutritional guide.

So if you are not up to the P90x challenge just yet or want something with some fun injected in to it, why not take a closer look at Billy Blanks and his Tae Bo system. If you are serious about getting fit there is no doubt that this system will appeal to you in more than one way because it’s a results driven workout which has simple to learn but effective martial arts moves and what will make you ultimately stick with it is that it’s fun to do.

List of Billy’s Workout Programs.
  • Insane Abs.
  • Cardio Explosion.
  • Ripped Extreme.
  • Express.
  • This is Tae Bo.
  • Total Body Fat Blaster.
  • Ultimate Tae Bo.
  • Tae Bo Classic.
  • Tae Bo 3 Pack DVD.
  • Bootcamp Best Of Fat Burners.
  • Ab Bootcamp.
  • Tae Bo Advanced.
  • Tae Bo Max Intensity.
  • Cardio Inferno.
  • Tae Bo Classic.
  • Tae Bo Cardio.
  • Tae Bo Bootcamp Shred.
  • Billy Blanks Boot Camp Cardio Sculpt.
  • Billy Blanks Ultimate Bootcamp.
  • Billy Blanks PT 24/7 (2011).
  • Billy Blanks Tae Bo Abs & Tae Bo Extreme, 2 -DVD SET.
  • Billy Blanks: Tae Bo Max Intensity (2013).
  • Ab Bootcamp (2004).
  • Billy Blanks’ Tae-Bo Cardio (2003).
  • Tae Bo Amped: 3 Workouts on 2 DVDs – Jump Start Cardio, Fat Burn Accelerator, and Full Throttle (2008).
  • Billy Blanks: Basic Training Bootcamp (2010).


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