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So you have decided you want to get fit or you are looking for some variety or redirection in your current fitness workout plans. Finding the right fitness blog can at times seem a bit daunting due to the multitude of fitness blogs available online promoting many similar topics but with different twists and many original topics which can provide great benefits. Two basic tips for someone looking to get fit is first decide on what YOU need rather than what the blog entices you to need with catchy headlines and graphics. Second, keep it simple! If you just want to work on your legs, then find a blog which provides good workouts for legs and forget the rest.

A lot of buzz words like get stronger, get ripped, fast abs, lift more, lose weight are common place in the fitness world and you need to sieve through the hype to find the real deal. Some typical categories which fitness blogs support and promote are things like workout plans and routines, healthy meals and recipes, diet, lifestyle, fitness for women and men, fitness and sports apparel and equipment, body part development, supplements, negative marketing (e.g. 10 worst things to do), membership offers and many more specialist areas. Below we have discovered a list of fitness blogs which are worth a peruse due to their interesting content and ideas.

Fitness Blogs Worth Review

 – Fitness Blender
 – Daily Burn
 – Breaking Muscle
 – Fitness
 – Nerd Fitness
 – Muscle and Fitness
 – Body Rock
 – Live strong
 – Fit Sugar


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