Best headphones for running

Headphones come in two typical types, in ear headphones or over the ear headphones. In ear headphones also known as ear buds have an inborn ability for falling out while exercising, irrespective of how far people try to pack them into their ear canals. While the more comfortable, fake-leather, over the ears headphones may be cool perched on your head while at your desk, or walking, but they do not always cut it for runners due to their larger size and overtness.

There are some decisions to consider when evaluating the best headphones for running in order for the buyer to get the most from this investment. The buyer will certainly want to initially assess the comfort and performance of the headphones carefully since the runner will not want the headphones to be an irritation while running and the runner will want to hear the best music quality possible. The buyer should also assess the price, durability and other factors prior to deciding which are all discussed below.

Sound Quality

It’s a given that we do not expect the sound experience whilst running to be comparable to a symphonic orchestra or live gig venue. The run is the main event and the music is a tool to either provide motivation or to assist with distracting the mind. However, if you are looking for the best headphones for running, sound quality should be a consideration.

Good headphones used during running are supposed to be sufficiently clear and not create static sounds upon playing. Acoustics should be clear and you should be able to distinguish the difference between particular instruments. For running purposes, the base is important as it is what provides you with a beat to run to so when you turn up the base especially to cancel out the back ground noise you want the sound to be clear and not distorted.


Another significant factor to be considered while buying headphones is comfort. This is because a consumer will probably wear these headphones during the entire time of the run. If the headphones do not contain the appropriate cushioning or the appropriate fit, then the ears will get weary after a short time. Buyers seeking headphones that cover the whole ear must hunt for headphones that have malleable cushions and modifiable head bands.


Before searching online or visiting the store, buyers should set a budget for the money they would like to spend. Both used and new headphones cover an extensive array of prices that suit many budgets varying from $15 up to $200 or more. Shoppers ought to evaluate prices and shop around to discover the best deals. When considering used headphones, the cost should match the age, condition and working condition of the headphones.


Many sophisticated headphone sets look nice and feel good but may not always be compatible with sports and particularly running. Due to your active status when you are running you are probably at your least tactful and dextrous so it will be no problem to accidentally yank the phone from your head or drop them on the floor and even kick them on step on them. Find a pair the doesn’t have flimsy connections and loose accessories. Keep it simple!

Water proof.

Depending on how serious you are with running, your runs may mean all weather. Running in the rain is not as bad as it sounds but your music may be affected if your headphones get wet. Even if it’s not raining, your sweat or even the condensation around you may make a non-water proof set of earphones say bye bye.

Transmission Range

For wireless headphones, the quality of the headphones is defined by the technical requirements built within them. The buyer is advised to look into important factors such as the range in which these headphones operate. For example, the Bluetooth wireless headphones are the best head phones for running as they will operate with an extensive range, which is sufficient for people who take the audio appliance with them. For even the distance between the audio player and the headphones never goes beyond two meters while jogging or running with it

Battery Life

Wireless headphones are required to operate on batteries. The better head phones offer more than 30 hours of listening time. Standard headphones only offer a listening time of about 20 to 25 hours. If the batteries are required to be changed, then this can increase the overall price of the headphones over the life of the headphones.


Not all headphones offer all of the above features so choosing the best headphones for running will depend what you need and what is important to you. Even if you live in a dry environment where you woudn’t normaly think waterproof headphones is important, think again because dry environments quite often mean humidity therefore sweating will be of concern. Below is a great list of websites which talk about and sell headphone for running which you can review to obtain a better opinion before you buy. An Amazon affiliate link is also included in the list as Amazon have a very wide selection of headphones with lots of buyers feedback.

1. Trusted Reviews.

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  • Allowed me to offer you my suggestion of what are the 5 earphones for running and workout activities.

    These are :-
    1) Sennheiser PMX 685i
    2) Jabra Wireless Sports
    3) Sony XBA-S65
    4) Beats Powerbeats
    5) BlueAnt Pump.

    You can check out the reviews from my link.

    • multiplexAdmin

      Nice little selection of earphones. The Beat headphones are way out there in price though. The other 4 are nicely under $100.

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