P90X Equipment

Complimentary to the actual P90X DVD set, there are number of pieces of equipment which are used throughout the P90X program which can add further benefits to your workout. A word of note that not all of these items are technically equipment but all the same they are intended to equip “YOU” with options and variety to better improve your fitness levels.

The Pull Up Bar.

This bar allows you to execute one of the toughest and most beneficial exercises known to mankind called the pull up. Being able to pull your own body weight up with the use of only your arms is a great feat and fantastic feeling. This exercise can be modifed by placing a stool, chair or box beneath your legs to assist you pull up. When you improve and get stronger use only one leg to help push yourself up and when you are finally stong enough do the full body lift with both legs dangling for maximum affect.

Resistance Bands.

Resistance bands are long lengths of rubber roughly 3 to 4 feet long, usually with handles on both ends. The bands can be used in a variety of ways as demonstrated in the P90X program. As an example, simply hold one end of the band under your foot and place the other in your hand and stretch your arm up over your head. The resistnace you feel in your arm as a result of the band getting taught mirrors the resistance you would find when lifting a dumbell over your head. Resistance bands come in various grades and provide different levels of intensity to your workout. The band is particularly popular with females who don’t like the thought of pumping iron. Besides, the bands are also very mobile compared to heavy dumbells and can be thrown in your bag and taken with you on your business trips or vacations.

Push up bar.

These liitle gems allow you to get more range in motion when doing push ups. Place them on the floor, grip them and find yourself elevated up to 6 inches higher above the floor. When you do your push ups you can get an extra 6 inches when you go down which then really isolates the muscle groups on your way back up. They have secondary benefits also if you have wrist limitations in that you can avoid placing the hands flat on the ground as you would doing regular push ups.

Weights (Dumbbells)

The P90X program uses what is known as loose dumbbells in some of the workouts which are great ways to get the resistance you need in order to develop muscle bulk. Use heavy weights with lower reps for size and use lighter weights with more reps for definition and body tone. Somewhere in the middle of the heavy and light weights is where most people will find a sweat spot for the athletic body build. However, many people do not have room to use or store the large selection of weights which you see in the P90X program, so this is where the a set of adjustable dumbbells would come in very useful.


You will see in the DVD set that the P90X group have branded their own performance drink, snack bars and vitamin supplements. Although these products are not essential for the program or for your well being, they say that the  products have been designed to assist in the growth of muscle, incresase energy and help recovery after the workouts.

  • Multi Vitamin Supplement:  Peak Health Formula Multivitamin Supplement.
  • Snack Bar:  P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars.
  • Performance Drink : Results and Recovery Formula.

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