Adjustable dumbbell

When space at your home is at a premium and the gym isn’t for you but you are keen to use some weight in your workouts to build muscle mass and strengh, then the adjustable dumbbell maybe just what you are looking for. Small, compact, flexible and easy to use, these dumbbells are a good investment for anyone choosing to use them for heavy or light use without the need for long heavy set up and put away times.

The adjustable dumbell has been around for many years mainly in the form of the plate dumbbell where you add disk plates to the end of a short iron bar and secure with a threaded wing nut or hand grippers (as used in the gym). The individual plates can be as small as 1lb in weight for those just starting out all the way up to 10lbs each in weight. If you add a 10lb, a 5lb and a 2lb plate to each end of the iron bar you could have a total weight in the region of 34lbs (plus the weight of the bar). A very small amount of storage will be needed for the disk plates which are not being used at specific times which are usually stored on some type of weight rack or pole.

The modern type of adjustable dumbell are the ones which have integrated lockable plates. The dumbbell is designed with an integrated lock and release system to allow the plates to be locked in to place and stay on the bar or released so that they slide off the bar. Choose the weight you want to lift by turning the dial or setting the lever on the unit and only the plates that add up to that weight you want stay on the bar. When you are ready for a heavier or lighter weight, place the bar back down on the system rack, dial again for your desired weight and when you lift again, only the weights you want to lift stay on the bar.

This purpose of this article is not to review each and every different type of adjustable dumbbell around as this has been done already by others. This aim of this article is to firstly explain the basic difference between the two types of adjustable dumbbell as explained above and then to provide a list of the different brands available. All of the below brands are avialble from Amazon and by clicking anyone of the brands will take you to the specific brand where you can read further information about the specific brand, read reviews on the pros and cons and ulitimately make your own mind up as to which brand is best for you.

Adjustable Dumbbell Brands.

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