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Running in September

After the long hot lazy days of summer it’s nice to welcome some fresher breeze and cooler temperatures and with these cooler times comes an ability to start getting more active again. September is probably one of the best times to start running or resume your running program and running can also be used as an introduction to a new or existing workout schedule. Listed below are 5 benefits to start running especially in September. Weather As said above, the

Running tips for beginners.

People take up running for various reasons such as to raise funds for charity, to get fit, to compete in a race or just for pure leisure. For everyone at some point, it will be their first time running so its perhaps prudent to think that they should seek some basic advice before they start to pound the pavement. Like any physical activity, you want to get the best out of your session and to get the best out of

10K Run – Road Race Day!

The 10K run day is finally here and it’s time to lace up my shoes and get my stride on.The running I have done in preparation for this day has been well worth it not only for my performance but it has also provided me the opportunity to get fitter while training and allowed me to break certain mental barriers which I wouldn’t of otherwise done. And I was really looking forward to this 10K run to be able to

10K Training Road Race. Training Day 8

This training run lands on an Easter weekend and I have decided to do my training run on the Friday instead of the usual Sunday. And it’s worth noting that this is the last weekend before the actual Race Day which is next weekend (Sunday 27th April). Whilst preparing for the run and right up to leaving the house I wasn’t at all decided if I was going to go hard and meet my record of 50 minutes or if

The Drift

We all do it from time to time, some people call it day-dreaming and some say it’s having a vacant mind. All of that may or may not be true, but one thing is for sure, the drift it is a useful tool to help you through a difficult physical period. I call it the drift and it’s a calm state of mind that one can enter when you are putting yourself through an uninterrupted and consecutive physical activity such

10K Training Road Race. Training Day 7

Today I experienced a running situation that we all too often forget about and that is to enjoy your run experience. After only the first few paces on my 10k training run today something inside me didn’t want to push myself like last week. If you remember, I managed to do my 10K training run last week in 50 minutes which is my personal best but felt really exhausted afterwards and close to throwing up. The run today was a

10K Training Road Race. Training Day 5

Today I made the unusual decision to do my 10K training run at 5pm instead of the usual 10am or 11am time slot due to two reasons. One I woke up late in the morning because I took the family out the evening before and two, because it was raining…hard! It so happened that I was slowly feeling guilty as the time approached 5pm so much so that I could not live with myself any longer and didn’t even have

10K Road Race. Training Day 5

Spring is in the air, the sun is shining and the conditions are almost perfect for a training run. Since last weeks training run I have found an alternative 10K route which takes me through some local green belt and is virtually flat compared to the bridge I used to have to run over and busy road juctions I had to negotiate before. Today I have decided to give myself a run target of 50 minutes to complete the 10K

10K Road Race. Training Day 4

Missed last Sunday’s run due to my childrens soccer end of season tounanment which extended over two days. Since I am also the coach for my kids team, I was so busy that I was unable to even think about running last weekend. Now that’s all over, I managed to get on with with my running routine today (16th March 2014). Weather is Rain! The run started off very well and I was wearing new running shoes. The intial few

10K Road Race. Training Day 3

Woke up early for some reason with a clear head, so I thought I would do an early run on a Sunday morning. Upon peering through the window blinds I saw that it has been snowing overnight again. Remembering the lessons learnt from last week about preparation, I made sure that my shoe laces were tight, head phone cables were weaved through the jacket and the volume on my music player was set to near maximum. Sure enough the roads

10K Road Race (Training day 2)

First, I must confess that I did not manage to get a run in last weekend due to personal issues so it’s been 14 days since my last training run. In some ways this has been a good thing mentally as it has really motivated me to want to prove something to myself today. Today’s weather is 1 degree Celsius with snow and sleet falling which made some of the run quite slippery. Before I even put on my running

Outdoor Workouts

A free and somewhat overlooked way of working out is by making use of the great outdoors. We all have unlimited free access to the outdoors and it doesn’t matter if you live in the city, suburb or country, there are many natural and manmade features which you can utilize to get in shape without spending a penny. Explained below are a selection of free outdoor workouts. Running. Plan a route where you can jog to one or more of