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Power 90 Review

In case you need to build muscle rapidly, the Power 90 is just the ideal program to obtain. You get effective workouts that last for an average of 30 minutes. Such intense workouts not only help you lose fat, but also get you a muscular body transformation. Additionally the Power 90 package contains an eating guide, resistance band, measuring tape, a workout manual on two DVDs and a progress calendar. This exercise program is not designed for all individuals. However,

Shaun T’s Focus T25 Review

Quick workouts seem to be the new trend, and this is what Shaun T’s Focus T25 courtesy of Beachbody is all about. Focus T25 is one of Beachbody’s latest innovations. According to this hot new program, all you need to do is commit 25 minutes to regain peak physical shape. 25 minutes is not a lot of time, and you can easily spare less than half an hour for the sake of burning calories, and becoming fitter, healthier and stronger.

Body Beast Review

The Body Beast home DVD workout resistant training program is the ultimate breakthrough to a chiseled, lean body structure in just 12 weeks that can be tutored in the comfort of your own home. According to creator Sagi Kalev a professional bodybuilder and a double winner of the Mr. Israel title and many others, the program is based on similar strategies and techniques he has used throughout his career. The procedure is dedicated to enhance body muscles while reducing the

Les Mills Pump Review

Les Mills Pump workout DVD offers you one of the best resistance systems to get lean and healthier. This training program is based on the very popular and widely used pump workout. Body Pump workout is used by many gyms across many nations. Body Pump workout technique is based on a highly researched formula going by the name, The Rep Effect. The whole concept of body pump workout is more reps with light weight. More reps, and light weight to

BBX hardcore Review

BBX Hardcore is a 90 day home workout program for serious people who are enthusiastic about fitness and want to get that toned and curvy body to be proud of. The program involves body weight training and endurance. You are likely to take your fitness levels to new heights using this program. Dede Barbanti the program’s creator uses some ground breaking methods to deliver this power and endurance home workout program. The training challenges all your muscle groups without using

X-Train Workout Review

X-TrainFit is a 12 week fitness workout for women to achieve the best shape they can over a 12 week period in the comfort and privacy of their own home. The DVD set consists of 8 DVD’s called chest and back, stretch, yoga, cardio, circuit burnout, XTF arms, XTF Legs and hard core. The equipment used in the workout is limited to light weight dumbbells or rubber resistant bands. Personal trainer, Stephanie Oram, will guide you through the whole workout

ChaLEAN Extreme Review

Chalean Extreme hosted by Chalean Johnson (also the host of Turbo Fire and Turbo Jam) has come up with a contemporary workout which would initially appear to be for women due to more women being part of the workout group than men. But don’t be misled; this workout will suit men of all fitness levels who are looking for a good high energy workout and especially those looking to lose weight and tone up rather than build bulk muscle. The

Ruthless Review

Have you ever heard of a fitness program called Ruthless? Neither had I until I found it and what a great value for money program it is. This is not something you come across every day! The Ruthless DVD box set is another well produced, hard hitting, high energy workout program based on the platform of a 20 minute workout each day. Aside from the DVDs, the box set also comes with a workout calender, nutrition guide and fitness test.

P90X Review

P90X is perhaps one of the most popular and without doubt extreme workout programs around. It has been around 10 years but that does not detract from the benefits it can offer you if you get right in to it. For those who don’t like the thought of working out too hard this program is not for you. It is however right for you if you are looking for a real challenge. Beginners will find this program very tough. Saying

Rev Abs Review

Rev Abs is a workout that has for sometime been marinally below the radar for most people. When looking for high temp fat burning exercises we quite often look at programs such as P90X or Insanity or on the other hand we notice them more because the producers market them to us better. Nevertheless, choice and selection is what matters in most things in life and home workout DVDs are no different. So, without further ado lets take a look

The Pit Workout Review

The pit is a collection of exercises that are divided into three categories. These include upper body workouts which strengthen cardiovascular muscles, a set of lower body workouts for stability and a third set that entail full body workouts. The workout program suits people of all social classes owing to its affordability. The program is closely associated with mix martial arts training techniques. People who enjoy judo, karate and boxing training methods may as well find the fitness program highly

Billy Blanks Tae Bo Review

Bill Blanks and his legendary fitness system called Tae Bo has been around since the 90’s and he is probably one of the first, if not the first person to amalgamate martial arts techniques, cardio and music to form a magnetic and enjoyable workout system. Over the years Billy Blanks has been prolific in pumping out numerous workout programs all individually packaged and aimed at full body workouts. The Tae Bo system is slightly different to the modern day P90X

GSP Rushfit Review

Unlike many other fitness gurus, GSP is a personality who is recognised for using his fitness skills in his day job. Many fitness gurus get fit and teach fitness, but GSP gets fit in order to fight better. Most of us know who this guy is even if you do not follow MMA and we all recognise that he did not get in shape without a serious workout plan. So let’s look at what GSP Rushfit has to offer and

UFC Fit Review

The UFC Fit DVD set is yet another set of cleverly developed workouts that guides you through techniques which are followed by the best UFC athletes themselves. The DVD set will certainly assist you gaining strength, lose weight, boost your energy and develop fighting skills which are second to none. If body and mind to it a stay with the program, you will see remarkable results within 12 weeks. The front man for this workout program is Mike Dolce who

Turbo Fire Review

If you are in search of a great and exciting way to burn calories and lose some weight while acquiring great new muscles, look no further because Turbo Fire by Chalene Johnson is the best bet. Turbo Fire is an intense 90 day cardio conditioning program that will help you burn up to nine times more calories and fat than the regular cardio. A quick look at the many Turbo Fire reviews shows that with this program, anyone can become

Tapout XT Review

Are you looking for a workout program that tones your abs, tunes your muscles and makes you fit using a series of high intensity workouts? Think Tapout XT. It’s a program designed for people who really want to take fitness to a higher level and want to undergo a seriously bad ass workout. You see, this is not your usual fitness program that makes you work hard with feeble results. You’re not going to waste money on this program as

Les Mills Combat Review

Bored of the old workout routine in the gym that doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere with respect to the results that you seek? Had enough of the endless 30 minute sessions on the treadmill which have still not got rid of those ugly, flabby love handles that you despise with passion? Les Mills Combat DVD Workout is anything but boring. Read on for more on this amazing workout. Overview From the company Beachbody, that brought to the market

Shaun T – Insanity Workout Review

Having even the slightest interest in fitness, keep fit and health you will agree that the word insanity has become synonymous with the home workout routine hosted by Shaun T. Because of its popularity, there are plenty of Insanity reviews online promoting it as one of the best workouts at home. Like many other workout routines, Insanity also promotes that results can be achieved relatively quickly and in this case it’s a years’ worth of results in 60 days (with