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Best headphones for running

Headphones come in two typical types, in ear headphones or over the ear headphones. In ear headphones also known as ear buds have an inborn ability for falling out while exercising, irrespective of how far people try to pack them into their ear canals. While the more comfortable, fake-leather, over the ears headphones may be cool perched on your head while at your desk, or walking, but they do not always cut it for runners due to their larger size

Adjustable dumbbell

When space at your home is at a premium and the gym isn’t for you but you are keen to use some weight in your workouts to build muscle mass and strengh, then the adjustable dumbbell maybe just what you are looking for. Small, compact, flexible and easy to use, these dumbbells are a good investment for anyone choosing to use them for heavy or light use without the need for long heavy set up and put away times. The

P90X Equipment

Complimentary to the actual P90X DVD set, there are number of pieces of equipment which are used throughout the P90X program which can add further benefits to your workout. A word of note that not all of these items are technically equipment but all the same they are intended to equip “YOU” with options and variety to better improve your fitness levels. The Pull Up Bar. This bar allows you to execute one of the toughest and most beneficial exercises