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My list of goals for 2017

When you get down to thinking about the things you want to achieve there are so many ideas that come to mind and it’s so easy to want to consider doing them all. The problem with this is that you will become overwhelmed very quickly with the sheer amount that you will either not know which one to start or not start at all. The trick is to break down and choose only the most important goals that will get

Effective ways to lose weight

If you are 100 % serious about losing weight then you will need to actually be 100% serious about losing weight. Being part serious, serious on the weekends or serious now and again will not cut it as you will find yourself beating yourself up when you realise the continued failures. What you are ultimately looking for are real and simple effective ways to lose weight which provide maximum output for minimum input. And no, minimum input does not mean

Running in September

After the long hot lazy days of summer it’s nice to welcome some fresher breeze and cooler temperatures and with these cooler times comes an ability to start getting more active again. September is probably one of the best times to start running or resume your running program and running can also be used as an introduction to a new or existing workout schedule. Listed below are 5 benefits to start running especially in September. Weather As said above, the

Fitness selection

Losing weight should be your first stepping stone to your fitness goals if excess weight is your status. Burn off the excees weight and fat with the assistance of stage 1 in the fitness selection. Click the blue lose weight button below. ————————————————————————————————– You may be thin or average and want to get some muscle definition on your body. Click the Toned Fit blue button below to access the information and work yourself to to a toned and cut body

What type of fit do you want to be.

There are many differing opinions on what is considered to being fit and healthy and how to get fit and healthy. Having great biceps or bulging shoulders but having a fat gut, smoking 20 cigarettes a day or drinking 10 beers on the weekend may loosely be considered by the optimistic as being fit to the realist fitness is a lot more than that. The true sense of being fitness starts with a mental state of mind, a nutritional balance

How fit are you. (what is you fitness baseline)

Understanding how fit you are or knowing your fitness base line is crucial to fully understand what type of fitness needs to be done and at what level. One of the quickest ways to fail your fitness journey is to start at a level which is above or below you because either the workouts you choose will be too hard and seem like a very steep uphill battle,  or too easy and the results you are anticipating will not appear.

How much do you want it and what will you do to get it.

Everyone has thought about getting fit, has tried to getting fit or is on a path to getting fit. However, most people do not realize that successfully getting fit is not achieved through knee jerk reactions because they have seen images of a great body or because the warmer summer weather is just around the corner. If you really want to enjoy any success at fitness you should first ask yourself how much do you really want it and what

How to start getting fit

Do you believe that the answer to your question about how to start getting fit is to simply start from the beginning! Jumping on to a new exercise fad or popular fitness program haphazardly is not a good way of getting fit as with most fads they quickly go out of style or you find that they are not working…then comes along another one. This bouncing from one to the next is a poor strategy and will not allow you

Fitness Blogs

So you have decided you want to get fit or you are looking for some variety or redirection in your current fitness workout plans. Finding the right fitness blog can at times seem a bit daunting due to the multitude of fitness blogs available online promoting many similar topics but with different twists and many original topics which can provide great benefits. Two basic tips for someone looking to get fit is first decide on what YOU need rather than

Best headphones for running

Headphones come in two typical types, in ear headphones or over the ear headphones. In ear headphones also known as ear buds have an inborn ability for falling out while exercising, irrespective of how far people try to pack them into their ear canals. While the more comfortable, fake-leather, over the ears headphones may be cool perched on your head while at your desk, or walking, but they do not always cut it for runners due to their larger size

Running tips for beginners.

People take up running for various reasons such as to raise funds for charity, to get fit, to compete in a race or just for pure leisure. For everyone at some point, it will be their first time running so its perhaps prudent to think that they should seek some basic advice before they start to pound the pavement. Like any physical activity, you want to get the best out of your session and to get the best out of

Multiplex 60 Minute Core Strength Exercises #1

Core strength exercises are perhaps one of the most beneficial workouts you can do to develop a strong midrift and torso. Since everything you do in life primarily eminates from the center of the body, it makes sense to ensure your central core area can absorb what life throws at you or what you throw at your core. What does life throw at you. Everyones life is different and we all do different things in work, play and recreation. However

Multiplex 60 Minute Upper Body Workout #1

This upper body workout also incorporates some abs and core work as well which provides your upper body muscles a rest between sets. This is not intended to be a heavy resistance workout but somewhere in between high energy workout and medium resistance. So choose weight that will allow you to do the entire reps set (not too heavy). Multiplex 60 Minute Upper Body Workout Plan #1 Warm UP 3 Sets Punch Up/Punch Out Star Jumps 20 seconds Switch Upper

Multiplex 60 Minute Full Body Workout (#1)

Multiplex 60 Minute Full Body Workout Plan #1 Warm UP 3 Sets Run on the spot 20 seconds Star Jumps 20 seconds Squats 20 seconds Stretch and Breath 30 seconds   Level 1 Exercise Reps or Time Equipment 1 Push Ups 15 reps No (or push up bars) 2 Squat Thrust 15 reps No 3 Jump Stars 15 reps No 4 Squat Kicks 15 reps No 5 Stretch and Breath 30 seconds No   Level 2 Exercise Reps or Time

10K Run – Road Race Day!

The 10K run day is finally here and it’s time to lace up my shoes and get my stride on.The running I have done in preparation for this day has been well worth it not only for my performance but it has also provided me the opportunity to get fitter while training and allowed me to break certain mental barriers which I wouldn’t of otherwise done. And I was really looking forward to this 10K run to be able to

Power 90 Review

In case you need to build muscle rapidly, the Power 90 is just the ideal program to obtain. You get effective workouts that last for an average of 30 minutes. Such intense workouts not only help you lose fat, but also get you a muscular body transformation. Additionally the Power 90 package contains an eating guide, resistance band, measuring tape, a workout manual on two DVDs and a progress calendar. This exercise program is not designed for all individuals. However,

Shaun T’s Focus T25 Review

Quick workouts seem to be the new trend, and this is what Shaun T’s Focus T25 courtesy of Beachbody is all about. Focus T25 is one of Beachbody’s latest innovations. According to this hot new program, all you need to do is commit 25 minutes to regain peak physical shape. 25 minutes is not a lot of time, and you can easily spare less than half an hour for the sake of burning calories, and becoming fitter, healthier and stronger.

Body Beast Review

The Body Beast home DVD workout resistant training program is the ultimate breakthrough to a chiseled, lean body structure in just 12 weeks that can be tutored in the comfort of your own home. According to creator Sagi Kalev a professional bodybuilder and a double winner of the Mr. Israel title and many others, the program is based on similar strategies and techniques he has used throughout his career. The procedure is dedicated to enhance body muscles while reducing the

Les Mills Pump Review

Les Mills Pump workout DVD offers you one of the best resistance systems to get lean and healthier. This training program is based on the very popular and widely used pump workout. Body Pump workout is used by many gyms across many nations. Body Pump workout technique is based on a highly researched formula going by the name, The Rep Effect. The whole concept of body pump workout is more reps with light weight. More reps, and light weight to

BBX hardcore Review

BBX Hardcore is a 90 day home workout program for serious people who are enthusiastic about fitness and want to get that toned and curvy body to be proud of. The program involves body weight training and endurance. You are likely to take your fitness levels to new heights using this program. Dede Barbanti the program’s creator uses some ground breaking methods to deliver this power and endurance home workout program. The training challenges all your muscle groups without using

X-Train Workout Review

X-TrainFit is a 12 week fitness workout for women to achieve the best shape they can over a 12 week period in the comfort and privacy of their own home. The DVD set consists of 8 DVD’s called chest and back, stretch, yoga, cardio, circuit burnout, XTF arms, XTF Legs and hard core. The equipment used in the workout is limited to light weight dumbbells or rubber resistant bands. Personal trainer, Stephanie Oram, will guide you through the whole workout

10K Training Road Race. Training Day 8

This training run lands on an Easter weekend and I have decided to do my training run on the Friday instead of the usual Sunday. And it’s worth noting that this is the last weekend before the actual Race Day which is next weekend (Sunday 27th April). Whilst preparing for the run and right up to leaving the house I wasn’t at all decided if I was going to go hard and meet my record of 50 minutes or if

The Drift

We all do it from time to time, some people call it day-dreaming and some say it’s having a vacant mind. All of that may or may not be true, but one thing is for sure, the drift it is a useful tool to help you through a difficult physical period. I call it the drift and it’s a calm state of mind that one can enter when you are putting yourself through an uninterrupted and consecutive physical activity such

10K Training Road Race. Training Day 7

Today I experienced a running situation that we all too often forget about and that is to enjoy your run experience. After only the first few paces on my 10k training run today something inside me didn’t want to push myself like last week. If you remember, I managed to do my 10K training run last week in 50 minutes which is my personal best but felt really exhausted afterwards and close to throwing up. The run today was a

Workout Routines

Workout routines come in various formats such as a prescribed set of exercises designed by a fitness instructor specifically for you, a pre-recorded genre specific workout DVD like Shaun T’s Insanity, Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire or Les Mills’s Combat training or something more adhoc which you make up yourself. All of the above are in their own right good workout routines but the attraction to them will be different by different people. In order for anyone to determine the best

ChaLEAN Extreme Review

Chalean Extreme hosted by Chalean Johnson (also the host of Turbo Fire and Turbo Jam) has come up with a contemporary workout which would initially appear to be for women due to more women being part of the workout group than men. But don’t be misled; this workout will suit men of all fitness levels who are looking for a good high energy workout and especially those looking to lose weight and tone up rather than build bulk muscle. The

Ruthless Review

Have you ever heard of a fitness program called Ruthless? Neither had I until I found it and what a great value for money program it is. This is not something you come across every day! The Ruthless DVD box set is another well produced, hard hitting, high energy workout program based on the platform of a 20 minute workout each day. Aside from the DVDs, the box set also comes with a workout calender, nutrition guide and fitness test.

10K Training Road Race. Training Day 5

Today I made the unusual decision to do my 10K training run at 5pm instead of the usual 10am or 11am time slot due to two reasons. One I woke up late in the morning because I took the family out the evening before and two, because it was raining…hard! It so happened that I was slowly feeling guilty as the time approached 5pm so much so that I could not live with myself any longer and didn’t even have

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